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Grease Trap Services

Grease Trap Service by The Sunny Plumber Phoenix

The Sunny Plumber offers reliable and professional grease trap services in Phoenix, AZ. When you own a business you want to make sure that every aspect of it is focused on making you more money. If you have a dirty or leaking grease trap in your restaurant, it can be a safety and health hazard. These types of problems are not good for business.

That’s why The Sunny Plumber Phoenix is proud to work with local businesses throughout the Phoenix, AZ area providing competitively priced, friendly and reliable grease trap services. No matter what kind of grease trap services you need for your business in Phoenix, AZ, call The Sunny Plumber Phoenix today!

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How Does A Grease Trap Work?

Fat, oils and grease are common by products of cooking. Most homes don’t have a grease trap because they simply don’t produce as much grease as a restaurant does. A grease trap works by using the difference in density between water and oil. Oil, fat and grease are about 80% lighter than water. When they cool, they rise to the surface of the water inside the grease trap where they are collected in a baffle. The water continues to flow through the trap and into the sewer free of grease.

Phoenix AZ Grease Trap Installation

The Sunny Plumber Phoenix provides outstanding grease trap installation in Phoenix. Grease traps are typically required by law any place that food is prepared. As their name implies, grease traps are designed to trap grease and fat and keep them from entering the city’s sewer system and clogging it. Typically, grease traps are installed outside of the cooking establishment but can also be installed inside if it makes sense.

It is absolutely critical that your grease trap is installed by a qualified, professional Phoenix plumbing technician. Improper installation of a grease trap can result in grease and fat passing through the system and into the sewer where it can potentially form a clog.

Phoenix AZ Grease Trap Repair

When you need grease trap repairs in Phoenix, call The Sunny Plumber Phoenix. While grease traps are fairly simple pieces of equipment, they can still break down occasionally. Some of the common problems include odor, clogs and leaks. These types of problems need to be repaired quickly and with as little disruption to your business as possible. The expert Phoenix plumbers at The Sunny Plumber Phoenix have years of experience working with grease traps of all types and brands. No matter what kind of problem you’re having with the grease trap at your business in Phoenix, AZ, call The Sunny Plumber Phoenix today. One of our trained Phoenix plumbing repair specialists can quickly diagnose the problem and offer a reasonable solution. Give us a call today.

Phoenix AZ Grease Trap Maintenance

The Sunny Plumber Phoenix is a fantastic provider of grease trap maintenance in Phoenix. Your car needs regular oil changes and tune–ups in order to keep operating as effectively as possible. The same is true for your grease trap. At The Sunny Plumber Phoenix, we know that if your grease trap isn’t cleaned and maintained regularly that it will have a negative effect on your business.

That’s why we use our specialized vehicles and equipment to thoroughly clean and tune–up grease traps for every business. Our professional Phoenix plumbers are highly trained and have years of experience working with restaurants, cafeterias and kitchens of all sorts and sizes. We would love to be part of your business’s success. Give us a call today to learn more about the comprehensive grease trap maintenance services that we offer in Phoenix, AZ.

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