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Yes, Hard Water Is a Big Problem

plumberIt’s a foreign concept here in Arizona, but there are areas in the country where ice fishing enthusiasts talk excitedly about the coming “hard water” season. When we talk about hard water in a plumbing context, we’re not talking about a relaxing day of sitting on a frozen lake with your buddies, though—and we’re not totally convinced of just how relaxing that can really be! We’re talking about a very common water quality issue that can put your plumbing at risk.

Is hard water the type of water quality problem that is going to put your health in danger? No, it’s not. So, that means it is not really that much of a priority in terms of dealing with the problem, right? No, it doesn’t. If you want to protect your plumbing in Phoenix, then you absolutely need to do something to address the hard water in your home. The good news is that we have the system you need!

Hard Water: There’s No Good, but It’s Got the Bad and the Ugly Part Covered

Hard water won’t make you sick because it is really just water with too high a concentration of minerals in it. Typically, we are looking at magnesium and calcium. So why worry about it at all if it’s not going to be a health concern? Well, first of all, it’s ugly!

Not the water itself, but what it leaves behind.

Have you noticed a chalky white and green residue on the plumbing fixtures in your home? Are you concerned about clothing that comes out of the wash with a yellowish tint? Is there a hazy layer of something on your shower doors? This is due to hard water deposits. Like we said—it’s ugly. That’s just the start of the problem, though.

Deposits Wind Up Inside Pipes, Too

When you see deposits on your plumbing fixtures and around your drains, they’re ugly. What you don’t see is even worse, however. Those deposits may be building up within your pipes themselves. When that happens, they can actually start to constrict. This leads to restricted water flow, problems with water pressure building up in pipes, and more. That can lead to damaged pipes.

So what’s the solution?

Use a Whole-House Water Softener

When you have a problem that affects all of the plumbing running through your home, the last thing that you want to do is attack it in a bunch of different locations. When you use a whole-house water softener, you don’t have to.

A water softener is pretty simple in theory. It just swaps out the hard water minerals in the water with harmless sodium ions. Because it is a whole-house system, it is going to improve the quality of the water as it enters your home. That means that you don’t have to juggle a bunch of point-of-use contraptions. It also means you’ll need your water softener professionally installed and serviced.

Schedule your water softener services with The Sunny Plumber Phoenix. Bright and shiny and won’t show our hiney.

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