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Why Your Water Heater Output Is Dropping

There are any number of reasons why your water heater output may be dropping, pretty much all of which will require professional repair services. It’s important that you be familiar with the various reasons why your water heater output may be dropping, so that you can more accurately determine when to call for professional repair services. Let’s take a look at why your water heater output may be dropping.

Burner Assembly Clogs

Most water heaters use a natural gas burner assembly. The burner assembly is a series of jets that burns natural gas in order to heat the water in the system. Over time, carbon particles from the burning natural gas will collect on the burner assembly. These particles will slowly clog the burner assembly over time, until the entire thing fails to ignite. This will prevent your water heater from heating the water. You’ll need to have the burner assembly cleaned off to solve the issue.

Broken Dip Tube

The dip tube is a tube that extends from the top of the tank of a water heater to the tank’s bottom. All water that enters the storage tank flows through the dip tube. This is to make sure that new water has a chance to be heated separately from the warm water leaving the tank. If the dip tube becomes cracked or broken, cold new water will mix with the hot water at the top of the tank. This can cause cold water to randomly flow out of your tap. The dip tube will need to be replaced in order to solve this problem.

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