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Why You Should Rely on Professionals for Water Filtration Installation

Many homeowners keep a filtered water pitcher in the refrigerator that strains particles out of the water they drink. But what about the water throughout the home? You and your family members deserve clean water no matter what faucet or fixture you happen to be using. The same contaminants in your drinking water may exist in your dishwasher, washing machine, shower, and the water you use to brush your teeth. But a whole-home water filter is installed at the point-of-entry for your water supply, which means your entire home is protected.

What Makes Water Filtration Necessary

As you may already know, water from your municipality does go through a treatment process in an attempt to make water safer for human consumption. However, the treatment process mostly targets contaminants common to your area, so some particles and organisms may remain, or they may collect in the pipes along the way to your home. Furthermore, water treatment plants add chemicals like chlorine and fluoride to the water, to which many people are sensitive.

Water filtration is important because there may be any of several contaminants in your water supply that could affect your health, skin, hair, and even your pipes. This includes contaminants like arsenic, which can lead to skin damage and has been linked to cancer, legionella, an organism known to cause pneumonia, and nitrates that are especially dangerous for small children. For whole-home filtration, you may select filters that target particular contaminants, reverse osmosis systems for nearly comprehensive protection, or a water softener which prevents pipe damage and other issues caused by “hard water.”

Professional Installation Is Key

The important thing to keep in mind is that installing any type of water filter will be quite a process. It will require you to shut off the water and dismantle your pipes in just the right way. A skilled technician will first make some complicated calculations, followed by a careful assessment of the state of your plumbing. The right technician will have all of the equipment for the job and should test the filter for accuracy, all of which cannot be guaranteed if you attempt the job on your own.

Calling The Sunny Plumber for water filtration installation and service in Gilbert, AZ gives you some peace of mind that your new system will operate as needed and protect your family for years to come. Call us today!

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