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Why You Need Leak Detection Services

Leaks in your plumbing sound like something that should be easy to spot: you see water dripping from an exposed pipe and you call a plumber to come fix it. Sometimes it is that easy to notice leaking and have it stopped.

However, consider how much of your plumbing remains hidden from your eyes. Almost all the pipes that supply your home with fresh water or which remove wastewater to the sewer system are placed behind drywall, wood floorboards, concrete foundation material, or under the earth around your house. When leaks start to happen, the first signs will usually be an increase in your water bills, followed by outward indications such as discolored spots on walls, warped wooden boards, and a rise in humidity. This is the time to call for leak detection—because finding the actual leak is something you can’t do on your own.

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Professional Leak Detection Service

Although you might have a general idea where a hidden leak may be located because of visual clues like water stains or cracking on the floor, the difficult part about repairing the pipe is actually reaching it. This can involve digging through drywall or breaking through concrete and other action that will damage building material. Trying to reach a leaky pipe with only a general idea of where the leak is can mean immense destruction to parts of your home. You need to have professionals take care of leak detection to pinpoint the exact spot where they need to work. Sometimes, if the leak is small enough, they won’t even need to do any excavation.

Plumbers perform leak detection in a number of ways, most of which use advanced technology. Acoustic listening devices and ground microphones can pinpoint the sound of water leaving pipes, even through thick surfaces. Pressure detectors can find areas of rising pressure emanating from leaks.

Most effective of all the tools available to plumbers for finding leaks is video pipe inspection equipment. These consist of miniaturized camera mounted on the end of fiber-optic cables long enough for a plumber to run the camera fully down a water or sewer line. Using the image fed back to a monitor, a plumber can find the exact location of the leak as well as its size and how best to seal it.

Don’t try to detect leaks on your own, or hire amateur plumbers to attempt to fix a hidden leak. You risk major damage to your home as well as causing further leaks or pipe bursts. Always turn to the experts with the right equipment and the skill to use it.

Trust to The Sunny Plumber and our many years of experience to take care of leak detection in Phoenix, AZ, as well as any other trouble you may encounter in your plumbing. Call us today to schedule your next service appointment with us.

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