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Why Your Water Heater Isn’t Working Right

woman-in-showerWe know it’s the time of year for chills and thrills, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to wanting to take an icy cold shower. In fact, the lack of hot water in your home may send a different kind of chill up your spine because it means something is amiss with your water heater.

Thankfully, we can say with relative confidence that this isn’t the work of a poltergeist, just a plumbing issue. The severity of the issue is the real question that needs to be answered. What is hindering your water heater from doing its job? And is it repairable? We can answer these questions and provide the services you need to get warm water in your home again.

3 Reasons Why Your Water Heater Isn’t Working Right

Whether you enjoy lukewarm water or steaming hot, you deserve to have a reliable hot water heater in Phoenix. This system makes a huge difference in your regular life all year long. Here are some problems that may be hindering your water heater from reliably providing the hot water you need.

  1. It needs to be flushed. Water heaters occasionally need to be flushed out to clear away built-up sediment that has collected within them. This sediment can collect on heating elements, hindering the creation of hot water. It can also collect in some of the pipes and reduce water flow into the home. Make sure to talk to a professional about flushing your water heater to see if this is a viable solution for your system.
  2. It has a water pressure problem. Your water heater needs good water pressure going into it in order to produce steady water pressure for your home. Any issue with either part of this will end up causing problems. Make sure to check for leaks or blockages at the point-of-use where you are having problems. If this does not resolve the problem, then it may mean that your water heater needs repairs.
  3. It needs to be replaced. No water heater will last forever. There is a chance that the issues you are having with your water heater’s operation are a sign that your system simply needs to be replaced. Take into account the age of your water heater, how often it needs to be repaired, and how often you are having problems with it. If you are having frequent issues and your water heater is nearing or past the 15-year mark, it is likely that a replacement is your best option.

When Your Water Heater Can’t Keep Up, Call Us

Whether you need some basic maintenance to help your water heater along, repairs to address a major issue within the system, or you need to replace your water heater altogether, our team is here to help. The experts at The Sunny Plumber Phoenix are able to provide any of the services you need to ensure your home has hot water when it counts.

Bright and Shiny and won’t show our Hiney. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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