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Why Use Natural Gas in My Home?

sunny-plumbersEvery now and then we like to remind homeowners why it is so important to use natural gas safely in their homes, and why all natural gas piping services in Phoenix, AZ, must be handled by skilled, trained professionals.

In today’s post, however, we want to cover why it is that you might choose to use natural gas in your home, period! Natural gas is an incredible resource, and not just in those areas where the frigid winter temperatures demand regular, consistent heating—a concern that we really don’t have around here.

Before we get into that, of course, we do want to remind you one last time—if you didn’t click that link above to read our previous post—that natural gas can be dangerous if it is not distributed throughout your home and used properly. You won’t have to worry about that when you work with a Sunny Plumber, though. We employ some of the most skilled professionals in the industry, and we’re happy to help you enjoy all of the benefits that natural gas has to offer.


Natural gas comes from the earth, hence the “natural” bit. But, just like the water you use in your home, it does not come for free. You’re going to have to pay to use natural gas in your residence, but you will probably find its price point pretty alluring. That is largely thanks to the fact that natural gas is a mostly domestic product.

This means that it is not subject to the volatility of any foreign oil markets. You just don’t see the big spikes and drops in price with natural gas that you may with, say, gasoline or heating oil. If you’re looking for a fuel that’ll be kind to your wallet, natural gas is a good way to go.

Cleanliness and Convenience

Natural gas burns pretty cleanly. It burns hot and efficiently. And, you don’t have to store it on your property! Not only is natural gas cleaner than oil, but it also has an edge over a fuel like propane because it is piped directly into your home. There is no need for on-site storage at all.

While propane has a long shelf life, it still isn’t as convenient to have a tank refilled over and over again, and those tanks certainly are not the most visually appealing piece of any property. With natural gas, there are no deliveries or tanks to worry about.


Well, we’re in Phoenix. I don’t use my heater that heavily. I can afford to pay more to just run something electric. That doesn’t require delivery, either. 

That’s true, but natural gas is much, much cheaper than using electricity for heating. And fueling your stove and oven. Oh, and your water heater. And even your clothes dryer! Natural gas has a whole lot of uses throughout your home. You can even use it for an outdoor fire pit! Just make sure that you’re using it safely by leaving your gas piping services to experienced professionals.

Schedule your gas piping services with The Sunny Plumber Phoenix. Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.

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