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Why Should I Put a Garbage Disposal Under My Kitchen Sink?

If you live in an older home, you might not have a garbage disposal unit installed beneath your kitchen’s sink. The garbage disposal was invented in 1927, but only made it on the market (the original InSinkErator) in 1940. Even then, their spread throughout homes was slow because of municipal regulations in many areas against placing food waste into the sewer system. Amazingly, garbage disposals were illegal in New York City until 1997 because the city believed they may pose a threat to the sewer system. (The NYC Department of Environmental Protection eventually determined there was no actual threat.)

Whatever the age of your home or the reason it doesn’t have a garbage disposal, you should seriously consider having one installed. We’ll explain some of the reasons why below, but don’t forget to call on us when you need a plumber in Chandler.

The Sunny Plumber is available to help you when you’re ready for the installation of a garbage disposal in Chandler, AZ.

Reasons to install a garbage disposal

  • It’s better for the environment: Using the already existing sewage system to handle food waste as a liquid means less garbage going into landfills, where food scraps decompose and generate greenhouse gasses. Waste water plants today are effective at processing food waste into fertilizer for re-use.
  • It’s much more convenient: If you’re used to the routine of scraping food from plates into a compost bucket and then taking it out to the garbage, you will be amazed at how much time you save and how much less work you’ll have to do when you can send the food right down into the disposal and eliminate it all with the flip of a switch.
  • It’s a quick job: Or, we should say, it’s a quick job for professionals. It should only take a few hours for a plumber to hook up a new disposal system to your existing sink and link it into the sewage system. You’ll have the new convenience working for you in no time at all.

Schedule installation today

The Sunny Plumber has many years of experience with installing garbage disposals in Chandler, AZ. We can handle the job for you fast and with few difficulties. Don’t keep living with an inconvenient (and environmentally unfriendly) kitchen sink: call The Sunny Plumber today!

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