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Why Schedule a Camera Pipe Inspection?

sunny-plumber-vanWhen some homeowners run into a slow-moving drain or a clogged toilet, they may think that grabbing the plunger will free up that clog and get the drain pipe functioning properly. They may think that a leak in a drain or sewer line is a simple enough fix—after all, you can see where the leak is coming from, right? When you stop and think about the situation, though, it’s pretty obvious that things may be much more complicated than this.

That is precisely why you need a professional plumber to come aboard and complete a thorough video pipe inspection in Phoenix, AZ for you. When it comes to diagnosing and pinpointing pipe problems, nothing beats the ability to peer directly into the pipe in question. Sure, it may not be a breathtaking view. However, the information that it gives us allows our plumbers to resolve the problem in a fashion that will take your breath away.

How Does It Work?

So what are we talking about here: some sort of X-ray camera that will offer imaging straight through the pipe materials? Well, no, but that would admittedly be awesome. What we are actually going to use is nearly as cool, though—a tiny camera affixed to a flexible rod that is fed right into the plumbing system! We can feed this rod through the pipes, inspecting them as we go along, and we can view the images fed back to our handy monitors in real time.

Not only that, but we can save this footage for further review, and you can see precisely what it is that we are talking about as we examine potential problem points and make our suggestions for the best ways in which to resolve those problems. It is one thing to explain to homeowners what the problem is and what the solution will entail, but it is another thing entirely to actually show them visual evidence of what we are talking about.

When to Schedule Video Pipe Inspection

We don’t mean this to sound snarky, but the answer is fairly simple: when you have trouble with your pipes! Okay, it’s not that simple. There are some cases in which it is going to be fairly obvious where a problem in the system may lie. And that is precisely the point. Those plumbing problems that may baffle even the best plumbers cannot trick the all-seeing eye of the pipe inspection camera!

Even an issue as seemingly simple as a clogged drain could be much more complicated than you may realize, with hard-to-reach clogs really embedded deep down in the system. Video pipe inspection is important not just for pinpointing the source of such clogs, but also for assessing the overall quality of the clog removal. We can check in to make sure that our job really is done before leaving your home!

Contact us today to schedule your video pipe inspection services. Bright and Shiny and won’t show our Hiney.

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