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Why Is Water Pooling in My Yard?

plumbing-iconsHeavy storms move through our area from time to time, but for the most part Phoenix is a fairly dry place to live. That is why it is so disconcerting to see a growing pool of water in a yard around here, especially following a particularly dry spell. If the water is not coming from precipitation, it is very likely that the pool in your yard is being fed by the main water line.

Obviously, a ruptured water line is not something that you can ignore, nor can you tend to the problem yourself. You are going to need to hire trained professionals you can trust to repair or replace your water line in Phoenix, AZ. Because you are reading this, you’re already well on your way to doing so.

How Can I Tell if My Water Line Is Compromised?

A wet, swampy area where your yard should be is definitely a strong indicator that you may have a damaged water line on your property. It is not a guarantee, however. In fact, it could be a neighboring home with the problem, and their water is just winding up in your yard. That is why having the problem professionally diagnosed is just as important as having it professionally resolved. We will find the exact source of your leak, and move on from there.

Keep your ears open in addition to keeping your eyes on the pool out front. Take a walk over to the connection point where the main water line connects with your indoor plumbing system. This is going to be right in the area where your emergency shut-off valve is located, most likely. Do you hear anything strange, like a rumbling or a hissing sound? That means that a leaky water line is a real possibility.

Now, an increase in water bills is a sign that water is going to waste on your property. This is more helpful with smaller leaks, though. If you think that your water main is damaged, you aren’t going to wait for your next billing period to compare notes. What you may notice, however, is a drop in water pressure throughout the house. This won’t always accompany a damaged water line, but it could definitely be a symptom that you’ll notice.

What Caused the Problem?

There are too many potential causes of a damaged water line to hazard a guess without some investigation into the matter. It is possible that the pipe is just very old and that wear and tear has taken a fatal toll. Perhaps the pipe was not installed properly in the first place. Even minor seismic activity or nearby construction could lead to your water line being compromised.

What’s the Solution?

We will have to evaluate your situation before we can determine the best possible course of action for your water line. Repairs are certainly not unheard of, though replacement is the better option in many cases. We offer traditional water line replacement services, as well as convenient trenchless water line replacement. Whichever is best suited for your property and the precise nature of your situation, count on us to do the job right.

Schedule your water line services with the professionals here at The Sunny Plumber.

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