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Why You Should Have a Sump Pump Installed

sunny-plumbersArizona is obviously not known for being a particularly wet state. We don’t get a whole lot of snow that can melt rapidly and lead to flooding. So why worry about water collecting in the lowest levels of our home? Well, because we willingly bring water into our homes through our plumbing systems, right? And we do get some rain. And, frankly, you just never know when something is going to go wrong. A dry climate doesn’t mean that you should leave your home vulnerable.

That is why we strongly recommend the installation of a sump pump in Maricopa, AZ. With a sump pump, you can protect your home from the problems caused by water damage, which can extend well beyond the actual water damage itself! The best part is that you don’t even have to think about it. But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves. So let’s dive in, take a closer look at sump pumps, and get your home protected.

How Does It Work?

A sump pump is actually a pretty simple device. A sump pump is excavated at the lowest point in your home, where water is naturally going to head when it enters the property. Water collects there and, when it reaches a certain point, the sump pump activates.

Once the sump pump activates, it will start pumping water out of the sump pit. It continues to do so until the water falls below that designated level once more. The water is pumped out of the house through a drainage pipe or tube, and is diverted away from the residence.

The way the sump pump activates is with a float switch. That means that, as the water rises, the switch rises. In other words, well—it floats! Then, when the water level falls, the float falls. When it falls far enough, the pump shuts off.

You Need a Professional Installation

A sump pump may function simply in theory, but the installation of a sump pump really is not that simple. Sure, anyone can drop a pump into a pit. Consider this, though. That pit may not be present. You don’t want to go busting into your foundation on your own, right? And what about the type of sump pump you’ll use?

The different types do the same thing, but they are situated in different ways. Pedestal pumps sit above the water level on a pedestal. That makes them noisier, but also easier to access for service. Submersible pumps are typically preferred, as they are quieter and the water itself helps to cool them. However, they require bigger pits.

When you hire us to install your sump pump, you’ll have the right one for your needs. It will be sized to handle the maximum amount of water it will need to remove in gallons per minute. It will also be properly cared for when you let us maintain and, as needed, repair it. With a Sunny Plumber on your team, you can never go wrong!

Schedule your sump pump services with us. Bright and shiny and won’t show our hiney.

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