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Why Drain Repair Service Beats Store-Bought Solutions

Here in Tempe, drain repair is a very common issue with people’s plumbing, as clogs and other problems can render your sink or shower useless. Most people are comfortable seeking out a store-bought solution: picking up a chemical drain cleaner or perhaps a mechanical snake from the nearby hardware store. These are easy solutions. Unfortunately, they’re also rarely the correct one. A qualified plumbing service can do the job much more thoroughly and efficiently. Here’s why drain repair service beats store-bought solutions.

Store-bought remedies are usually based on a one-size-fits all model. That’s a bit like forcing a square peg through a round hole. Chemical cleansers don’t differentiate between the different natures of different clogs, and as a result they are often incomplete in their scouring. Chunks of the clog can often be left behind, and will soon stop up the sink again if you aren’t careful. The same applies to store-bought snakes, which are quite indiscriminate and can sometimes damage the pipes themselves in their efforts to clear out the clog. And with store-bought remedies, you’re on the hook for any further damage that gets caused. If you’re not careful, you could end up throwing good money after bad.

Contrast that with a visit from a trained specialist. He or she has access to equipment that even the most dedicated layman wouldn’t, such as video camera technology to examine the clog directly and mechanized snakes with rotating heads that can be tailored to suit the nature of the clog. Add to that considerable experience with repairing drains and an intimate knowledge of what works best, and you have a solution that is guaranteed to work. And in the rare case that it doesn’t, many plumbers offer a warranty on their work, meaning that you won’t have to pay for any subsequent work that needs to be done on the same clog.

Drain repair and other plumbing services in Tempe, AZ can be conducted by the experts at The Sunny Plumber. We can show you why drain repair service beats store-bought solutions, and we think you’ll be very pleased with the results. Pick up the phone and give us a call today!

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