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Why Consider a Water Treatment System?

sunny-plumbersSome homeowners seem to think that water coming from their faucets and going down the drains means that everything is right as rain with their plumbing systems and the water supply. Unfortunately, as is usually the case, things are not really this simple. Sure, the water may be making it into your home and throughout your indoor plumbing system successfully. But have you considered the overall quality of the water that you are bringing into your home? If not, why not?

It only makes sense that you want high-quality water in your home, and that may mean taking some additional action to ensure that the water is actually high quality. Not all issues with water quality in Phoenix, AZ, are going to be major health concerns. But you shouldn’t only be worried about those problems that can cause major health issues, either! There are a lot of ways in which your water quality may suffer, and we’ve got solutions.

What Can Cause Water Quality Problems?

A lot. In an ideal world, everyone would know for certain that their water was not only safe to drink, but that it would also taste great and be free of even the most benign impurities. In the real world, this definitely is not the case. Here are a few common causes of water quality woes.

  • Contamination from fertilizers and agricultural agents
  • High levels of mineral concentration (as in hard water)
  • Outdated piping materials
  • Bacteria

There is nothing that you can do in every situation to guarantee that your water won’t be affected by such problems. That is why water treatment is so important. And no, the fact that your water comes from a municipal source does not mean you’re in the clear. Sure, that water is treated, but it can also be recontaminated as it travels to your home. If you do use a private water source, you’ll definitely want to be sure that your water is tested regularly and appropriately treated as needed.

Go For a Whole-House Solution!

Now, if you think that you’ve got yourself pretty well covered because you have a filtering jug or a filter snapped onto your kitchen faucet, think again. First of all, that is just going to make your water taste better—and marginally, at that. It’s not going to make contaminated water any safer to drink. It’s not going to make hard water any softer. And it’s not a whole-house solution.

What about the water that you use in the shower? Or the water that fills your water heater and washing machine? All of that water should be treated, right? Not just the water that you plan to drink? That’s what a whole-house water treatment system allows for.

These systems will integrate into your plumbing system where the water enters your home, not at a single fixture. That means that, no matter where in the house you’re using water, you know that it’s of a high quality.

Schedule your water treatment system services with The Sunny Plumber Phoenix. Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.


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