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Why Build-Up in Your Tank Can Result in Water Heater Repair

Here in Gilbert AZ, water heater repair services often have to deal with deposits left by hard water. Mineral build-up can appear in your water heater tank anywhere where these is water with a high mineral contact. Hard water is mostly harmless (and components are typically calcium and magnesium), though it can be rough on the skin and can create crusty build-up on your faucets and pipes. Hat last part is important because it can create build-up in you water tank as well, which in turn can damage your water heater to the point where it may need to be replaced.

Mineral build-up tends to settle on the bottom of the heater’s water tank, where it can create odd formations and patterns. You can actually detect these formations by listening for strange gurgling and bubbling noises coming from the heater; that’s the sound of water moving through those formations.

Sadly, it’s not the formation that are the problem. It’s the insulating layer formed by the build-up, which now lies between the water you want to heat and the burners designed to heat it. At best, the heaters will have to stay lit longer to warm the water properly, since the heat must now move through an extra layer of material. That means higher bills on your monthly costs for doing the same job it did in the beginning.

In the worst case, the heat of the burner will disperse onto the metal surface of the water tank, increasing the strain on it and hastening its slow demise. Over time, that stress will likely create a breach in your water tank, which basically means replacing the entire unit.

The good news is that, while build-up in your tank can result in water heater repair, the right repair service can help stop it from getting to that point. The Sunny Plumber can perform regular maintenance sessions that involve draining your water tank to eliminate he build up and reduce the risk of this kind of damage. Water heater repair is one of our specialties and our qualified plumbers in Gilbert, AZ, has years of experience in keeping water heaters maintain. Pick up the phone and give us a call today!

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