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When to Call for Water Testing

If you get your water from a municipal water main, you probably know that it undergoes quite a bit of treatment before reaching your home. Municipal water treatment is designed to remove any harmful substances from your water before you are exposed to them. This works well, but it isn’t perfect. Sometimes you need additional protection from chemicals or minerals that may have escaped municipal water treatment. You can determine whether or not you need additional water treatment by having your water tested. Let’s take a look at when you should call for water testing.

Calcium Deposits

Some of the harmful things that often makes it all the way into the water supply of a home are calcium and lime molecules. These are safe to drink, but they can build up in your pipes over time and restrict the flow of water through them. Since you can’t really examine your pipes all the time, you should keep an eye out for any white, chalky substance present in your shower or on your faucets. These are calcium deposits, and they are a sign that you have a problem from what is known as hard water .

Odd Tasting Water

Tap water here may be leaps and bounds ahead of other parts of the world, but it still doesn’t have a sterling reputation as far as drinking is concerned. Still, you probably know by this point what your tap water is supposed to taste like. If your tap water starts to taste strange or odd, it might mean that there’s something in there that shouldn’t be. You should call for water testing if you suspect that your water is contains contaminants of any kind.

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