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When Leaks Develop, Will You Realize?

plumberIf your electrical system is not functioning properly and your lights are flickering or your appliances keep shutting down prematurely, it’s pretty obvious that there’s a problem. Now, make no mistake—there are definitely water leaks that are similarly obvious. If your main water line connection goes south and there is water rising in your lowest level, that’s something you’ll probably recognize. The real problem here is that not all plumbing system leaks are so obvious. In fact, most aren’t.

So what’s a homeowner to do? Nervously stare at their walls and floors every time they shower or run the washing machine, hoping that there isn’t water leaking out of hidden pipes somewhere that is causing problems unknown to them? Of course not! Don’t let your plumbing instill fear—let our plumbers instill confidence! In today’s post, our Sunny Plumbers are going to share with you some warning signs that can tip you off to potential leaks in your home.

Signs of Water Leaks

Ultimately, some damage may be done to your home before you realize that there is a water leak. Learning to spot that damage quickly and to recognize it as a potentially serious problem is going to help you mitigate the extent of overall damage, though. Pay attention to these warning signs to keep the scope of plumbing leaks to a minimum.

  • Pay attention to low water pressure. It’s more than just an annoyance. A drop in pressure at a specific point of use could indicate a leak in the supply line servicing that fixture. A drop throughout the entire house could mean that you’ve got a main water line leak in Phoenix.
  • Don’t ignore water stains or damp spots on walls or carpets. We get it—it’s easy to write things off as the result of spills, carelessness getting out of the shower or transferring wet laundry, etc. If there is any doubt about the source, though, it’s definitely best to play it safe.
  • You can hear leaks, too. If you notice the sound of running water when you’re sure that there isn’t any in use in the house, then you may have a leak that is spilling water out somewhere where you can’t see it. It could even be the sound of a slab leak, which is something you really don’t want to let go.

The Next Step? Just Give Us a Call!

You could waste a bunch of time worrying about where the leak behind your damp spot might be. You could even go ahead and start smashing holes in your walls with a sledgehammer, hoping to stumble across the source.

If you ask us, though, it’s much more proactive—and certainly less destructive—t0 contact a member of our team and schedule professional leak detection services. Resolving these leaks in a timely fashion should be a top priority, and our service is just what you need to get out ahead of further damage.

Schedule your plumbing repairs with The Sunny Plumber Phoenix. Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.

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