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When to Call a Professional Plumber

sunny-plumbersAre you a DIY enthusiast? Good for you! There are a lot of jobs around the house that a bit of research and some good old fashioned elbow grease can handle. The most successful DIY-ers, however, are those that work within their limits. Simply put, you’re not qualified to handle everything in your house. Heck, neither are we. Of course, when plumbing issues come up, we can handle those ourselves. Why?

Because we’re professional plumbers, of course!

If you’re not a professional plumber, then one of those limitations we mentioned above is certainly related to your plumbing system. There are obviously some plumbing tasks that you can handle on your own. Professional or not, you don’t need us to come and try to plunge your toilet. However, too many homeowners feel comfortable fiddling with their plumbing systems in ways that they wouldn’t with, say, their electrical systems. So today we’re taking a look at times when you should call a professional plumber in Phoenix, AZ.

Your Drains Keep Clogging

For many homeowners, clogged drains signal nothing more serious than the need to run out to the hardware store. After all, we’ve all seen those commercials advertising the chemical cleaners that just get poured down the drain. And we all know that you just run out and buy some to clear your drains. Then run out again to buy more. And then—wait, this wasn’t in the commercial!

Will those caustic chemical cleaners clear your drain enough to let some water through? Sure. But they’re not going to have the same results as our scour jet service does. You need a thorough cleaning of your drains if you really want to use them effectively and reliably, and that is just not what you get with these largely ineffective chemical cleaners. Plus they’re certainly not a great environmental choice.

Your Water Heater Is Struggling

Is your hot water feeling tepid? Are you concerned about discoloration in your hot water? Or perhaps your water heater is just a lot louder than it used to be? We don’t think about our water heaters all that often, provided that they’re working properly. Some people go too far with this, however, and fail to think about their water heaters even when they’re only working decently.

Your water heater is not going to break down immediately when it encounters operational problems. However, “minor” issues and warning signs are likely ramping up to just such a scenario. You cannot diagnose a problem with your water heater on your own, and you certainly cannot successfully repair it on your own. Trust us, you want a professional on the job.

Your Water Bill Is Rising

Water leaks are not always obvious. They are not always major in the sense that they flood the home. But they’re always serious.

If you are certain that you’re not really using any more water than is usual in your home, but you still see your water bills creeping higher and higher, then you likely have a leak somewhere in the system that is responsible for that spike. We can find the leak fast and resolve it completely.

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