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Ask a Plumber: What Is Scour Jetting?

hydro-jetterThere are a lot of systems in your home that you have some direct interaction with, or are at least visible, which helps to keep them and their overall condition on your mind. Others, however, are largely hidden from view and are able to fulfill their function without any real input on your end. Your drain and sewer system is one such example, and we cannot stress enough that out of sight should definitely not lead to out of mind when it comes to your drains and sewer line.

While your drains and sewer line are not complex mechanical systems, there are plenty of problems that can develop with them over time. Dealing with any such problems in a timely manner can really help you to avoid some very undesirable, potentially costly outcomes. That is why you may want to consider scheduling scour jet service with a professional plumber in Mesa, AZ. It’s a great preventive practice that can have some serious benefits for your drain and sewer system.

What Kinds of Problems Do We Mean?

There are a few different issues that may plague your drain and sewer system. Clogs are among the most common. The most common cause of this most common problem is improper use of the drains on the homeowner’s part. By allowing non-flushables (including baby wipes making the dubious claim of being flushable) to go down the toilet, or FOG (fats, oil, and grease) to go down the kitchen drain, these clogs can get a serious start.

Once the clogs begin to form, everything going down those drains will start to accumulate. If you notice that your drains are moving slowly, that they are gurgling, or that your toilet is backing up frequently, you should take the initiative to schedule professional drain cleaning. Don’t reach for over the counter drain cleaners, as these are full of caustic chemicals and are largely ineffective.

Another potential problem is actually that of vegetation roots breaking into your pipes. We live in a pretty dry area, obviously, and the water (and other materials) in these buried pipes can be quite enticing for a thirsty tree or shrub. These roots are incredibly strong, and they frequently force their way into residential water and sewer lines.

But How Does Scour Jetting Work?

Very simply—and effectively. Basically, scour jetting just entails blasting away clogs and blockages within your drains and/or sewer lines in order to clear them out using only highly pressurized water. This type of equipment is actually strong enough to do serious damage to pipes, so it is vital that the job is done by skilled, trained professionals only. We certainly fit the bill.

The hose with a specially designed nozzle is fed into the pipes and/or drains, and its sprays pressurized water in all directions. This not only breaks up those pesky clogs, but also flushes the materials out of the pipe entirely. Contact The Sunny Plumber Phoenix today to learn more.

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