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Ask a Plumber: What Causes Low Water Pressure?

woman-in-showerWhat is better after a long day of work during the hottest time of the year then jumping into a nice, cool shower? Or a warm shower on those nights and mornings when there is a chill in the air? Pretty much nothing! Of course, it is a lot more difficult to enjoy one’s shower, perfect though the temperature may be, when the water pressure leaves a lot to be desired. Don’t ever ignore low water pressure in your home.

As is the case with many different plumbing problems, there are many different possibilities in terms of what is causing this particular problem. These issues may be relatively benign, or they could suggest problems that could do serious damage to your plumbing system. It could even be the result of a situation well beyond your own personal control. Whatever the case may be, you can count on our plumbers in Mesa, AZ to diagnose the problem and resolve it completely. 

It May Be a City Problem

Have you noticed that your entire house is low on water pressure? Have their been grumblings around the neighborhood regarding similar problems in your neighbors’ homes? If so, be sure to contact your local utility company. Yes, you should probably have been alerted to any problems or undertakings that would reduce water pressure in your area. However, we all know that these things slip through the cracks sometimes. It is always worthwhile to check in with the utility company if you are pretty certain that the problem is not starting in your own house’s system.

Is It Every Fixture in the House?

This is an important distinction to make. Are you dealing with very localized low water pressure, or is it an issue no matter where you are in your home? If the whole house is affected, then you could have a problem such as a main water line leak. Not all problems with your main water line are going to result in a drop in system pressure, but it is a possibility. You should take a walk around the house in the vicinity of where the water is piped in, too. Any damp spots or flooding are further evidence of a water main problem.

Is It Hard Water?

Have you had an issue with hard water deposits in your home in the past? If so, keep in mind the fact that hard water doesn’t just leave an ugly residue on your plumbing fixtures. It can also build up inside pipes, restricting water flow through them. That will result in high pressure within the pipes, even as your outward water pressure tapers off.  Because this can result in real damage to your plumbing system, you want to have any such problem resolved as soon as possible.

Is It Just One Fixture?

If so, then it is highly unlikely the pipe servicing that fixture is leaking. Look out for water collecting on the floor, or a damp mildew odor that could indicate a leak. Not all leaks are immediately obvious, but all leaks should be immediately resolved following their discovery.

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