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What Causes Drain Pressure Problems?

Drain pressure is hardly a common problem, since drain lines with plumbing are not normally subjected to pressure. Here in Glendale AZ, drain cleaning services may actually use pressure as a solution rather than a problem, since high pressure (applied by a professional technician) can effectively remove some types of build-up. That, in fact, constitutes the most common source of drain pressure problems: a clog or similar build-up in the system.

Clogs can be created by foreign materials flushed down the drain: anything from cooking grease to potato peelings to hair and shampoo in your bathroom faucets. Hard water build-up can also create drain clogs. Depending upon their placement, they can create pressure problems within your drains. The more water that builds up against the clog, the greater the chances of a breach or a leak springing up. In some cases, the clog can run quite deep, and pressure can build up anywhere along the line. Again, it’s not common but it does happen and the source is invariably a clog in the line somewhere.

Clearing such a clog is definitely a matter for professionals, since they can determine its exact nature as well as a means of clearing it. A well-trained expert can first determine the placement and nature of the clog using a small video camera attached to an extension wire. This new form of technology provides unprecedented details that let the plumber choose the exact tool for the job. If the pipe are not in immediate danger of a breach, then high pressure can be used to break up the clogs. In other situations, a mechanical snake can be used, with a head tailored to fit the exact nature of the clog.

If you’re wondering what causes drain pressure problems and whether that might be the source of you current plumbing woes, then give The Sunny Plumber a call. Offering drain cleaning for homes in Glendale is a specialty of ours, and we’re dedicated to solving the issue to your satisfaction the first time, every time. Pick up the phone and give us a call today.

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