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What Can Cause Poor Water Quality?

sunny-plumber-vanOh boy. So, so much. We’d all love to think that the water coming from the taps in our homes is of the highest possible quality, right? Sure, of course. But that simply is not the reality of the situation. There is definitely a solid chance that your water quality in Phoenix could be improved. That’s nothing to be frightened by. After all, there are a lot of water quality issues that are not going to cause serious health issues.

But some can.

So regardless of what your concerns may be, remember that our Sunny Plumbers are here for you. Whatever the problems you run into, we’ve got the solutions you need. Our goal is to ensure that you have the exceptional water quality we know you deserve. So reach out if you have concerns, and see what our water quality pros can do for you!

High Mineral Concentrations

This one is pretty benign. For your health, anyway. But high concentrations of minerals like calcium and magnesium can cause very serious plumbing problems. And some other problems that are just a pain.

We’re talking about hard water, here. That can lead to limescale building up in pipes, which can restrict water flow and result in ugly build-ups and stains. You need a whole-house water softener to resolve this problem.

Iron and Manganese Levels

Does your water look cloudy or rusty? That’s a pretty alarming problem, isn’t it? Not only can it stain clothes and fixtures, but it can also just make your water taste metallic and nasty. The good news?

You just need a water softener! Kill two birds with one stone and knock out hard water and this discoloration. There are also specific types of filters that can help to remove these contaminants.

Rotten Egg Odors

This one is really gross. But it is easily resolved with the right filtration systems. Yes, it is an upfront investment, but don’t waste money on expensive bottled water just because your tap water stinks!

This is the result of high levels of hydrogen sulfide in your water. Not only does that cause the gross odor, but it can actually lead to serious pipe corrosion. Don’t put your system at risk by doing your best to ignore this problem.

Sediment Buildup

Is your water just … dirty looking? That could be the result of sediment in the water. You may have a crack in a pipe that is allowing sediment to get in in the first place, or you could just be drawing water from a sediment-heavy private source.

Again, some good old filtration will solve this problem for you. And our professional plumbers are the ones who you want to install your whole-house water filtration solution! No matter what type of trouble you’re having with the water quality in your home, we’ve got precisely what you need to clear things up—your water included.

Schedule your water treatment system services with the pros here at The Sunny Plumber Phoenix. Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.

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