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Plumbing FAQ: What Cannot Go Down the Disposal?

mom-and-daughter-kitchen-sinkThere are certain components and fixtures that no plumbing system can really be called “complete” without. Your toilet, for instance, or a kitchen sink. Then there are other devices and appliances that are of a more optional variety. This is where the garbage disposal would fit. Sure, you may not need a garbage disposal incorporated into your plumbing system. Once you’ve used one, though, you may find it hard to imagine going back to life without its conveniences.

The garbage disposal in your plumbing system is hugely beneficial, but it also has its limitations. You really don’t want to push it beyond those limitations, as you could wind up damaging the garbage disposal. You may even wind up damaging it beyond repair. With that in mind, today we want to focus on what you should not be putting down your garbage disposal. If you have any questions or need garbage disposal services, always turn to a professional plumber in Gilbert, AZ.

No, Not Everything Can Go Down the Disposal

Some homeowners seem to think that if something is small enough to fit down the drain, then it is fit for the garbage disposal. This could not be further from the truth. There are many items that should never go down the disposal, and which may damage the drain itself and/or your garbage disposal. And we’re not talking about dulling the blades in the disposal either–because there are no blades!

This is a common misconception about garbage disposals. No, they don’t chop waste up. They grind it down to a paste–which is why you always need to run the water when using the device. So what should stay out of the disposal?

  • Very hard materials. In truth, today’s garbage disposals can really handle a lot of items that you may think twice about. As a general rule, you should avoid putting materials such as fruit pits or bones (raw) down the disposal, though. At the very least, refer to the literature that came with your disposal to see what is acceptable.
  • Very fibrous materials. It may sound strange, but you shouldn’t be putting corn husks or celery stalks down your disposal. No, these are not very hard foods that will damage the grinding mechanism. However, they can get wrapped up around that mechanism. That can lead to them straining the motor and even burning it out over time.
  • FOG. What is FOG? That stands for fat, oil, and grease. When these materials are in their liquid form, it may seem reasonable to just pour them down the drain. However, the problem is that they’ll congeal when they cool. When that happens, they can lead to serious clogs.
  • Pasta, rice, grains, etc. If you have to boil it in water to cook it, you should think twice about putting it down the disposal. These food items can absorb water once they go down the drain, and then they’ll start to expand. That will result in clogs, too.

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