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What Can Cause a Sump Pump to Fail?

flooded-houseSome people automatically associate sump pumps with basements, which of course are not at all common in our geographic region. The fact that you don’t have a basement in your home, however, does not mean that you don’t need to have a sump pump ready for action. While moisture in a crawlspace may not damage furniture the way it might in a finished basement, there is a whole slew of other problems that it can lead to. Regardless of the exact construction of your home, the sump pump is there to protect its lowest point.

If you have a sump pump, and that sump pump failed to deliver on its promised function the last time that you needed it, you may be wondering precisely what went wrong. Here are a few reasons as to why your sump pump in Phoenix, AZ may have failed. 

Because the Power Failed

This is probably the most obvious reason that a sump pump may fail to do its job. If heavy rains or broken plumbing pipes occur during a power failure, it is possible for the sump pump to fail to activate at all. This is why it is so important that you have a battery backup on your sump pump, or even a secondary pump.

Because It Is Improperly Sized

It is also possible that your sump pump actually did activate, but that it wasn’t able to keep up with the demand that it faced as water flooded into the sump. It is important that you have your sump pump professionally sized, as you don’t want to leave it to guesswork only to find that you have guessed incorrectly.

Because It Wasn’t Properly Installed

If having your sump pump professionally sized is important, having it professionally installed is even more so. Not only does a DIY installation attempt mean that you could damage the pump and/or your property, it also means that you may void any warranty on the equipment. Plus, you may think you did the job right, only to find out at a crucial moment that you could not be more wrong.

Because It Is Poorly Maintained

Generally speaking, sump pumps really don’t require all that much in the way of routine maintenance. That being said, you should at least test your sump pump every couple of months to ensure that it is working properly. If not, you can have it serviced and tuned up as needed in a test scenario, rather than when you actually require its service. (To test a sump pump, pour a few gallons of water into the sump to see if the pump activates.)

Because the Switch Failed

More often than not, problems with sump pumps can be traced back to the switch that activates the pump. The motor and inner workings of the sump pump may be functioning just fine, but that does not matter if the switch is not able to relay the message that the pump needs to start up.

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