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What Are the Effects of Hard Water on My Bathroom Plumbing?

Hard Water: A condition where water contains a high level of mineral suspension, particularly magnesium and calcium. Hard water is common issue from municipal water supplies. Although it is rarely unhealthy to drink hard water, it does not taste good and it makes it difficult to work up a good soap lather. However, the biggest worry from hard water, and the reason you need to find a way to treat it, is the effect that it will have on the plumbing in your home.

The best way to stop issues from hard water is through professional installation of a whole-house water softener. The Sunny Plumber specializes in water treatment systems of all kinds, including water softeners. With our assistance, you can protect your bathroom plumbing in Glendale, AZ and everywhere else in your house from the ravages of hard water.

Why is Hard Water an Issue for My Bathroom Plumbing?

Hard water leaves calcium deposits on plumbing, and this can turn into serious trouble for pipes and plumbing appliances.

On a basic cosmetic level, hard water creates unattractive build-up on fixtures. Usually an early sign that you have hard water is the appearance of a flaky yellow or off-white substance developing along your sinks, faucets, and showerheads. This is unpleasant looking, but it will soon lead to worse problems. Showerheads that contain excessive hard water deposits will soon start to lose nozzles and begin spray water in odd directions because the blockage. When you notice this happening, you need to take action, because the hard water is likely causing worse troubles out of your sight.

The biggest danger from hard water deposits is that it will start to reduce the available volume inside your bathroom pipes, both drains and incoming lines. As the calcium begins to build-up on the lining of the pipes, it will leave less and less room for the water to flow. Although it is extremely rare for calcium deposits to completely block a pipe, it will make it much easier for clogs to occur. It will also cause a huge spike in water pressure, and this could lead to massive leaks occurring in the plumbing.

Hard water will also affect water heaters, leading to corrosion, and you could start to lose hot water in the bathroom…the place where you need hot water the most.

As soon as signs of hard water begin to appear (you can’t get decent soap suds going in the shower, flaky deposits on the faucets, blocked-up showerhead), call a water treatment specialist, like one of our team members at The Sunny Plumber. We will guard your bathroom plumbing in Glendale, AZ from calcium and magnesium in the water supply with water softener installation.

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