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Various Problems Hard Water Can Cause in Your Home

Hard water is water with an abnormally high calcium and magnesium content. As hard water flows over surfaces, it deposits small amounts of these minerals. Over time, these mineral deposits grow into a substance called “lime scale.” Lime scale is known to be an extremely frustrating and damaging problem to deal with, for a number of reasons. Let’s take a look at the problems lime scale can cause in your home, and how to prevent them.

Pipe Replacement

As lime scale builds up in the pipe, it restricts the flow of water through it. This leads to a loss of water pressure in the plumbing system. If caught early enough, the lime scale can be cleaned out of the pipe to restore it to full function. However, if left alone for long enough the lime scale will harden. At that point it will be nearly impossible to remove it without damaging the pipe. Most people replace their pipes once they’ve been afflicted with advanced lime scale.

Water Heater Tank Insulation

Lime scale can also build up on the bottom of water heater tank over time. While this is less of an immediate problem for the storage tank compared to the pipes, eventually the lime scale can become advanced enough to insulate the bottom of the tank from the burner assembly. This prevents the water heater from properly heating the water in the tank. Lime scale is often flushed out of the tank during water heater maintenance, but a better method would be to install a water softener to prevent the lime scale from forming in the first place. Talk to a professional about installing a water softener in your home, if you know that you have a hard water problem.

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