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The True Cost of Plumbing Leaks

plumberWe often tell homeowners that they really need to take any water leaks in their homes seriously. And too often, homeowners fail to take that bit of advice seriously. That’s a real shame, because any plumbing leak in your home should be a major concern. Will every plumbing leak lead to the flooding of your house? Well, no. Is flooding your house the only problem that leaks can cause? No!

There are a lot of ways in which plumbing leaks will negatively affect your home and wallet. In fact, most situations don’t see major flooding as the culprit. Today, we’re going to explore some of the consequences that you may face when you let plumbing leaks slide. Trust us when we tell you that prompt plumbing repair in Phoenix, AZ, is always going to be in your best interest. And if you want top-quality plumbing repairs from skilled professionals that you can trust, look no further.

Every Drop of Wasted Water Is Being Paid For …

… and you’re footing the bill! We get that a dripping faucet or a very small leak in a pipe may not seem like an emergency. Heck, we wouldn’t even call it an emergency, and we’re the ones telling you to take it seriously. However, you have to keep something in mind. All of that water dripping out of these leaky faucets or pipes is water that you’re paying for.

Imagine that instead of water dripping out of the faucet or pipe and down the drain or into a bucket, it’s a nickel here, a quarter there, thrown out the window. If you’ve ever cashed in a jar of change, then you know how much it adds up over time. Don’t waste your money due to a problem that could be easily resolved by a member of our team.

You May Be Letting Pollutants Into Your Water

If you have a “minor” leak in your water line, you need it fixed immediately. There is no leak small enough to be considered minor, especially not when it is in the pipe responsible for bringing water to your home. Not only are you wasting money on water that you’re not using, but you could be compromising your water quality in the process.

It’s not just about water leaking out of your main water line. It’s about pollutants getting in and then being distributed throughout your home. When you allow a leak to persist, anything from sediment to chemicals from the soil could wind up in the water that you use in your house.

The Mold Issue

If there’s one thing that truly strikes fear into the hearts of homeowners, it’s mold. Nobody ever wants to deal with mold around the house. And you know where mold really thrives?

In damp places.

A water leak can lead to mold growth if it is ignored or goes unnoticed, and you seriously want to prevent this from happening. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you think you may have a leak in your home.

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