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The Steps in Water Filtration Installation

If the water in your home has a strange color, odor, or taste, you may not know about the wide variety of whole-home and localized water filtration systems available on the market that may solve the problem completely. Often, harmful chemicals, minerals, or other contaminants may enter your water system, either because they are added by the city or they are picked up as water moves through the underground water lines. Sometimes, there are visible signs of contaminants, but often this is not the case.

If you’re a homeowner in Scottsdale, a water filtration system may take care of the contaminants in your home that you can see and some that you cannot, like harmful nitrates and even arsenic. But first, you’ll need an experienced plumber to help you choose from the multiple systems available. To prove that professional installation can help make the process simple and accurate, we’ve listed the steps involved in water filtration installation.

  • Water Testing: The first step of water filtration involves testing your water for common contaminants that may affect your health, your plumbing, or just the taste of your water. When the plumbing company determines the exact problem with your water, a technician can discuss your water filtration options.
  • Water Filtration Installation: There are many different options for water filtration systems. While some are installed directly onto a sink’s tap, a whole-home filtration system may be the best option for you, particularly if a contaminant poses a risk to your plumbing system. Whole-home systems are attached directly to the main water line, ensuring quality for every drop of water that comes into your home.
  • Ensuring Proper Operation: After installation, a technician should test the various taps in your home to ensure the system is running properly. This may include testing the water pressure and taking further samples to check whether the contaminants have been eliminated. Finally, it’s important for homeowners to ensure the filtration system works properly by scheduling plumbing maintenance once a year.

If you believe you need water filtration in Scottsdale, call an expert at The Sunny Plumber who can test your water today and help you find the right system to keep your water system under control.


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