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The Importance of Video Pipe Inspection

sunny-plumber-vanVideo pipe inspection is the process of putting a tiny camera in the sewer pipes, plumbing system, or storm drains of your home to get a video feed. A control panel allows you to maneuver the camera fixed onto a wheelbase and used as a toy car. An inspector drives the toy car with the camera into your house’s plumbing system as it sends back videos and images of areas where the pipes are damaged, clogged, or broken.

This reduces the time and resources required to locate issues and the tiresome and costly process of digging up the house’s piping to identify the problem.

What Issues Are Detectable Using Video Pipe Inspection?

Video pipe inspection is a great device when it comes to diagnosing problems underground. Apart from finding leaks, obstructions, and holes, the camera can also determine:

  • Buildup or clogs caused by grease
  • Corrosion, punctures, and breakages
  • Root intrusion
  • The grade, depth of utility and layout of sewer pipes
  • Any weak points

You can also use video pipe inspection after performing repair or cleaning services to make sure the work has been carried out properly.

When to Use Video Pipe Inspection?

Blockages or Leaks That Are Hard to Find

In situations where conventional tools and vacuum excavation cannot detect the area having a problem, video pipe inspection is the answer to your woes. In case the leak or blockage you are trying to find is situated within a concrete enclosure or below a foundation, video pipe inspection is pretty much the only option for locating it.

This tool is best for finding undetectable problem sources as it removes the guesswork from the equation, meaning there is no blind digging.

Recurring Draining Problems or Backups

Continuous clogs and draining problems are a sign of a bigger problem beyond your indoor plumbing. Experts in the field recommend video inspection to people who are dealing with recurring clogs or backups. This makes sense as it rids you of the problem once and for all as soon as it has been detected and dealt with so you don’t have to free the pipe of obstructions again and again.

Benefits of Video Pipe Inspection

To top it all off, let us also look at some of the benefits of video pipe inspection:

  • Less expensive than exploratory excavating
  • Less labor is needed to solve the problem
  • Emergencies can be handled quickly
  • The size and location of the problem help in planning the repair
  • The need for cleaning or maintenance can be identified early
  • Leakages can be fixed earlier before they become hazardous
  • It can even help find lost jewelry or other precious items

Closing Statements

As discussed earlier, homeowners and businesses both can benefit from video pipe inspection. It saves time and money for both parties: those providing and receiving the service.

If you are from here, get in touch with Sunny Plumbing Phoenix for a video pipe inspection in Phoenix. Our motto is “Bright and Shiny and won’t show our Hiney.”

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