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The Dip Tube and Water Heater Repair

Your hot water heater provides warm water by heating cold water and storing it for use. One of the components that ensures you have hot water when you turn your hot water tap is the dip tube. Dip tubes are installed into every hot water heater with a tank, but like other components, the dip tube can experience problems. It’s always best to hire a professional for any problems you may experience with your hot water heater, especially those that use natural gas or propane as fuel. The trained and certified plumbing experts at The Sunny Plumber can handle any water heater repair in Gilbert, AZ, so call us today.

What Is a Dip Tube?

A dip tube is a long plastic tube that is attached to the cold water intake valve at the top of your hot water heater. The dip tube extends to 8 inches from the bottom of the water tank. As cold water enters your tank through the dip tube, it is pushed to the bottom so that the hot water can be at the top of the tank. This ensures that only hot water comes through your hot water tap when turned on. If the dip tube were short, the cold water would mix inside the tank, creating tepid water all the time.

Problems with Dip Tubes

The most common problems that develop with a dip tube are cracks and breakage. When a dip tube cracks or breaks, the first thing you may notice is a decrease in the temperature of your hot water. A second and somewhat more noticeable sign is small bits of white plastic in your water or trapped in the mouth of your faucets. These small bits indicate that the dip tube is broken and is disintegrating and will need to be replaced.

Special Note: There is a particular problem with dip tubes manufactured and installed from 1993 to 1997. These dip tubes were not made correctly and as a result, are prone to breakage. To check if your hot water heater was made during this time period, look at the serial number; if the last two digits are 93, 94, 95, 96 or 97, your hot water heater was manufactured during this time.

Without a properly working dip tube, your hot water heater can’t provide the hot water you need. If you are seeing the signs that you may have an issue with your dip tube, call The Sunny Plumber today and schedule an appointment for professional water heater repair in Gilbert, AZ.

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