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The Dangers of Pinhole Leaks

It sounds harmless enough – “pinhole leak” – because how bad can a hole the size of a pin be for your plumbing system and home? As it turns out, very bad. The constant leaking of a pinhole leak can cause a great deal of water damage to whatever is around it, and the leak also opens that particular pipe to extensive corrosion. Pinhole leaks can cause this much damage because they usually aren’t spotted until it’s too late, but with an annual plumbing maintenance appointment for your home, you can get ahead of any problems that may have developed with your plumbing system.

What Is a Pinhole Leak?

As its name indicates, a pinhole leak is a tiny leak that develops with copper piping. Pinhole leaks develop because of a breakdown in the copper, and there are a few ways this can happen:

  • Faulty installation
  • Poor chemistry in the copper itself
  • Water treatment chemicals hasten the breakdown process
  • Age
  • Chemistry of the local soil

The bottom line is that carrion plays a huge part in the creation of pinhole leaks, and the damage they can cause can be significant and costly. Some examples of the type of damage you can see from a pinhole leak in your plumbing are:

  • Damage to plaster and sheet rock
  • Damage to walls
  • Damage to flooring
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Corrosion in other parts of your system

Do I Have to Re-Pipe?

If pinhole leaks are found in your piping, your plumber will first assess how bad the damage is. For instance, if there’s just a small greenish-bluish spot on the pipe, the corrosion is likely not that bad and that one area can be treated, either with a small piece of new piping or an epoxy on the outside and inside of the pipe. But if there are multiple leaks and the corrosion is significant, you will most likely need to have your plumber re-pipe that part of your system.

Pinhole leaks are one of the things your plumber will check for during an annual plumbing maintenance visit, so if you have concerns about your plumbing, call The Sunny Plumber to schedule an appointment. We provide quality plumbing services in the Chandler area.

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