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The Benefits of Video Pipe Inspection

One of the biggest issues with plumbing systems is how difficult it is to identify problems with them. Much of the system is hidden from sight in the average home, and common plumbing problems don’t manifest external symptoms until it’s too late to prevent most of the damage. There are some ways to make educated guesses at whether or not your plumbing system is in trouble, but the only way to reliably catch problems is to schedule video pipe inspection. Let’s take a look at the benefits of video pipe inspection.

What Is Video Pipe Inspection?

Video pipe inspection involves inserting a long cord with a small camera on the end of it into your plumbing system. The camera wheels its way through the pipes in your home, sending images back to the plumber controlling it. Once the inspection is complete, the camera is simply pulled out of the system.

Advantages of Video Pipe Inspection

As mentioned above, most plumbing issues can’t be reliably detected unless you physically examine the pipe. Prior to the invention of video inspections, the only real way to do that was to tear up the wall or floor to get to the pipe. This was, obviously, expensive and time consuming. Simply waiting around for problems to make themselves known is hardly cost-effective either, though. So, if you want to catch problems early and make sure that your plumbing system is in good shape, the best thing to do is to schedule video pipe inspection. Pipe inspection allows your plumber to pinpoint the location of problems, and repair them before they develop far enough to cause damage. This can save you thousands of dollars in repair costs over the years.

The Sunny Plumber provides a full range of video pipe inspection and plumbing services throughout Phoenix, AZ.

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