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Is a Tankless Water Heater Worth the Higher Price?

logoWhen the time comes to install a water heater in a brand new home or to schedule a water heater replacement—either due to complete system failure or the desire for a better user experience—homeowners will generally choose between tank and tankless water heater models. When they’re doing their initial research (and you should be doing research before investing in a new water heater) homeowners quickly realize that tankless water heaters are more expensive. Not insignificantly so, either.

With this in mind, prospective customers often ask us if a tankless water heater is worth the money. The answer to this question is yes. The technology and benefits of a tankless water heater are reflected in the price. Does this mean that a tankless water heater, then, is the right option for every homeowner? Not at all. We’re here to help you decide if a tankless water heater in Phoenix is right for you.

But a Tankless Water Heater Is So Much More Expensive!

We are not going to argue that tankless water heaters are considerably more expensive to purchase than tank water heaters are. What you need to consider, however, is how long-term of an investment you are interested in making. There are a lot of great tank water heaters out there, but there are two particular areas where tankless water heaters, while more expensive, do hold the advantage: lifespan and overall energy efficiency.

  • Lifespan. The average tank water heater will last somewhere in the 12 to 15-year range. Will some last longer? Sure, but after a certain amount of time, you’re probably going to be looking at increased repair needs, possible reduced output, etc. A tankless water heater, on the other hand, is projected to last and remain in great working condition (when properly maintained) for 20 to 25 years! This is an outstanding benefit, but much more so when you take the second one into consideration.
  • Efficiency. Modern tank water heaters are more efficient than they previously were, but standby energy loss is still an issue. This is energy lost as heat from the water stored in the tank transfers out to the air surrounding that tank. By completely eliminating the need for storing water, a tankless water heater helps you to boost efficiency. Combined with the longer lifespan, that can lead to the system recouping the initial investment and saving money over the years.

Even Still, They’re Not Right for Everyone

Let’s assume you plan on being in your home for the foreseeable future. You also have the money to invest in a tankless water heater. Is this definitely the best idea? Well, not necessarily. If you have a big home with lots of residents where hot water is frequently called for at different outlets—showers, dishwasher, laundry machine, etc.—all at once, then the tankless water heater may not be as reliable as an appropriately sized tank water heater. Multiple units may be used, but that can be cost-prohibitive upfront.

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