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Why Consider a Water Treatment System?

Monday, June 15th, 2020

sunny-plumbersSome homeowners seem to think that water coming from their faucets and going down the drains means that everything is right as rain with their plumbing systems and the water supply. Unfortunately, as is usually the case, things are not really this simple. Sure, the water may be making it into your home and throughout your indoor plumbing system successfully. But have you considered the overall quality of the water that you are bringing into your home? If not, why not?

It only makes sense that you want high-quality water in your home, and that may mean taking some additional action to ensure that the water is actually high quality. Not all issues with water quality in Phoenix, AZ, are going to be major health concerns. But you shouldn’t only be worried about those problems that can cause major health issues, either! There are a lot of ways in which your water quality may suffer, and we’ve got solutions.

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Signs of Subpar Water Quality

Monday, November 20th, 2017

woman-drinking-waterWater quality is a tricky subject for a few different reasons. First of all, people simply get used to the water that they are used to in their own homes. If you have a relatively subtle issue with your water quality, it is easy to just acclimate to it. Another issue is that those homeowners receiving their water from municipal/public sources may just assume that their water is of a high quality, ignoring the real possibility that, even if it is treated, that water may pick up contaminants on its way to their homes.

At The Sunny Plumber Phoenix, we believe that all homeowners deserve access to clean, pure water in their homes. Before we can help you to achieve this goal, though—and it is an attainable one—you first have to reach out to us. That is why you need to know the signs that your water quality may be subpar. Once you recognize that fact, you can go about scheduling water quality services with a professional plumber in Mesa, AZ.

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When to Call for Water Testing

Monday, September 14th, 2015

If you get your water from a municipal water main, you probably know that it undergoes quite a bit of treatment before reaching your home. Municipal water treatment is designed to remove any harmful substances from your water before you are exposed to them. This works well, but it isn’t perfect. Sometimes you need additional protection from chemicals or minerals that may have escaped municipal water treatment. You can determine whether or not you need additional water treatment by having your water tested. Let’s take a look at when you should call for water testing.

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How Water Testing Is Conducted

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

Do you have quality water coming into your home through the municipal supply? This is a good question to ask; even though the municipal water supply receives treatment, the water can still pick up contamination through the pipes and groundwater seepage on the way to your home’s plumbing. The best way to eliminate such pollution in your water is to have a whole-house water treatment system professionally installed. This way you can enjoy safe, healthy water that won’t cause any damage to your plumbing system.

But this leads into another question: What exactly is contaminating your water? You need to know this so you can select a treatment system to deal with the problem, and this task requires professional water testing. To schedule the service, you call The Sunny Plumber today and speak to our experts in water testing for Paradise Valley, AZ. After they complete testing, they will help you with water treatment system selection and installation.

What happens during water testing

On the day that you schedule water testing, the professionals will arrive at your home and take samples from different fixtures and rooms in house. The water testers will make sure that they have a representative sample of the water from all around the home. They will then send these samples to a laboratory, which runs a series of tests on the water to determine what contamination it contains. These tests look for acidity, alkalinity, the presence of bacteria and other biological pollutants, and water hardness due to minerals.

The lab testing usually takes about a week to finish, and afterwards the lab will deliver a full report that the water testing professionals will go over with you. The report lists all the issues discovered in the water along with suggestions on what can be done to address them. You can decide based on this report and the suggestions of the professionals if you wish to have water treatment systems installed and which ones will do the best job.

Do you need water testing in Paradise Valley, AZ?

Although not all homes need to have water treatment systems installed to clean their water, all homes can benefit from water testing. You will at least know what is present in your water and if you should take steps to treat it.

Our water quality experts at The Sunny Plumber want you to have the best water for your home, free from issues with calcites, sulfurous oxide, pesticides, or any other potential health and plumbing hazard. Call us today to ask about getting started with water testing.

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What Water Testing Can Tell You About Your Home’s Water

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Homeowners today are often concerned about the quality of the water entering their home’s plumbing—sometimes for very good reasons. Chemicals and minerals can infiltrate the municipal water supply, and homes that use well water are also in danger of contamination.

The best way to find out if your water is healthy and not causing damage to your plumbing is to call for professional water testing in Mesa, AZ from The Sunny Plumber. We are qualified plumbing specialists for the area, and our expertise also extends to the installation and maintenance of quality water treatment systems. Here are some of the problems we can detect in your residential water supply through our water testing services:

Water Hardness

Hard water is one of the most common problems that municipal water can face, and it is a particular problem in many parts of the Valley. “Hard water” means water that contains a higher than average levels of minerals such as magnesium, gypsum, and calcium. Although hard water is rarely hazardous to drink, it can taste bad and makes it difficult to create soap lather. But most damaging is that it will build up inside pipes and fixtures and cause severe problems leading to repairs.

The Presence of Chemicals

Chemicals can enter the fresh water that comes through the municipal supply via ground seepage. Pesticides are among the more common hazardous chemicals that can reach your water in this way. Chlorine and Chloramines are often found in residential water supplies. Chemicals are also a major concern if your home receives its water supply from a well.

Viruses and Bacteria

Water treatment plants usually keep out these organic hazards from the municipal water supply, but there are still ways that your water might suffer from bacterial contamination that can cause illness throughout your household.

Wastewater Infiltration

Your home’s plumbing is designed to keep wastewater separate from fresh water. However, sewage backflow can occur that will lead to some wastewater contamination entering your fresh water lines. This is dangerous for your health, and it is important to have it detected and stopped as soon as possible.

Call The Sunny Plumber today to schedule an appointment for professional water testing service in Mesa, AZ and other parts of the Valley. We use professionals who know how to take samples from around your home, and the laboratory results will pinpoint exactly what is inside your water supply. You can then rely on our water treatment specialists to identify the installation that will help you counteract the problems in your water so you can enjoy healthier living and healthier plumbing.

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How to Find Out What Type of Water Treatment System You Need

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Most homeowners want the water they drink to be clean and free of contaminants. While your municipal water supply is often treated to remove some common contaminants, others may remain in your water supply, or they may make their way into your water as it moves through the water supply lines. And many harmful contaminants may reside in your water supply if your home relies on a well.

That’s why many homeowners rely on whole-house water filtration systems to keep their water clean and healthy. But with all of the systems available today, it’s hard to know which one is right for you without proper testing. Let’s take a look at the type of systems out there and why it’s important to schedule professional water testing in Tempe.

Types of Systems Available

There are a lot of different types of filtration systems available to treat your particular water supply problem—so many, in fact, that you may be unable to pick the right one without water testing.

  • Water Softener: While a majority of homes have “hard water” and experience no problems, some people may have a slight reaction to the minerals in their water. Or, hard water can cause mineral deposits to build up to the point that pipes are unusable, but a water softener can prevent this from occurring.
  • Reverse Osmosis System: A reverse osmosis system filters out many contaminants by using a membrane with holes that are too small for anything to pass through besides water.
  • Specialty Cartridges: A reverse osmosis system may be unnecessary for some homeowners, who would rather use specialty cartridges to filter out only those contaminants found to be a problem during water testing.
  • Chemical Feed Pump: A chemical feed pump is used to treat contaminants in well water, and can be designed to target only those bacteria and minerals common in your area.

Talk to a Professional First

Professionals can take samples of your water and give you feedback so that you don’t have to determine which unit is the right choice for you on your own. For water treatment system installation and water testing in Tempe, call The Sunny Plumber today!

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How to Tell If You Need Water Testing

Friday, December 6th, 2013

Providing yourself and your family with healthy and clean drinking water is one of the top priorities of every single homeowner. While your water utility does filter the water that you buy from them, there can still be some contaminants in the water like lead, nitrates, and chlorine which can be harmful. But how can you tell if you need to have your water tested? The Sunny Plumber offers total water testing in Gilbert, AZ and we wanted to help our customers know when it’s time to have their water tested. Call us today with any questions or if you’re ready to schedule water testing for your home.

You can count on The SunnyPlumber for reliable plumbing service in Gilbert, AZ.

Here are some of the most common contaminants that homeowners should be concerned about.

  • Nitrates – Primarily used in fertilizers, nitrates can leech into your home’s water supply from the ground. If consumed in large enough quantities, nitrates can cause serious health risks and even death in infants 6-months and under.
  • Lead – Lead is a poisonous metal that is common in many older homes in the plumbing system. Lead can also leech into your home’s water through old plumbing pipes and components. For children ages 6 and under whose brains are still developing, lead poisoning can cause behavior problems and learning issues.
  • Disinfectants – The water treatment facility where you get your water uses disinfectants to kill off harmful bacteria and viruses in the water. While this is absolutely necessary to keep your home’s water from being harmful, the disinfectants can continue to linger in your water. Chlorine, chloramine and chlorine dioxide are some of the disinfectants use to purify your water.

If you’re experiencing any type of problems with your home’s water, don’t hesitate to call The Sunny Plumber for water testing in Gilbert, AZ.

We can talk with you about all of the steps of the process and also any concerns you might have about your home’s water quality.

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Why Should I Have My Water Tested?

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Water testing is a prudent choice for responsible homeowners. We get our public tap water courtesy of the city, which largely does a good job of filtering out minerals and contaminants. Even so, certain contaminants remain a concern, including nitrate, lead, copper and more sophisticated chemicals such as pharmaceuticals flushed down the drain. Erosion of mineral deposits in our soil can lead to unexpected spikes in your contaminant levels, which can impact the safety of your family. Water testing checks for high levels of such minerals, adding a layer of protection for you and your family. “Why should I have my water tested?” you ask.

Beyond the obvious benefits of health and safety, there are some extremely good reasons.

Individual circumstances make a very strong case for testing your water. For example, if you get your water from a private well instead of the public system, then there is no government health testing to check for its contents. Having it tested yourself will ensure it stays safe to drink. Similarly, if you’re expecting a child in the family, you should specifically test for nitrate to ensure that your drinking water is healthy for your new addition.

Beyond that, testing your water can help retain your pipes and plumbing system in general. Minerals, bacteria and other harmful components can damage pipes over time, leading to build-ups in the pipe as well as eventual corrosion. Such problems appear slowly, over time, such that you probably won’t be aware of them until they cause a major problem. Testing the water (and installing a water filtration system if the tests indicate) will spare your plumbing, allowing it to last longer and reducing the need for costly repairs.

Considering the soil and mineral content in your city, water testing in Chandler, AZ makes a lot of sense. The experts at The Sunny Plumber can help you out, both with the testing itself and with the installation of water purifying filters to help keep your water as clean as possible. Give us a call to set up an appointment today.

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