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Let Our Plumbers Inspect Your Pipes!

Monday, July 29th, 2019

sunny-plumber-vanYou don’t have to be a professional plumber, let alone a plumber of the caliber of our Sunny Plumbers, to know that the pipes in your plumbing system are the backbone of that entire system. What you do need to be a professional plumber—and hopefully of the Sunny Plumber caliber—to realize is just how to inspect those pipes to ensure that they are in great shape and functioning properly. That’s why we offer video pipe inspection in Scottsdale.

In today’s post we are going to share with you some details about video pipe inspection, one of our most cutting edge service offerings. Gone are the days of intrusive pipe examinations that could leave your property a lot worse for wear. When you schedule a pipe inspection with our team, a thorough job is done with as minimal impact to your property as possible. So read on, and be sure to reach out our Sunny Plumbers with any concerns.

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Main Water Line Red Flags

Monday, April 22nd, 2019

plumberIn the most basic of terms, your plumbing system is responsible for getting potable water into your home and for getting waste and wastewater out of your home. There’s a lot more to it than that, of course, but the fundamental function is there. If you’re having trouble of any kind with either of these facets of your plumbing system’s operation, then you really have no time to waste. In the event that you’re having trouble with water delivery, a main water line problem could be at play.

We cannot stress enough just how detrimental such a problem can be for you and your property. That is why we want to use today’s post to educate you a bit on potential warning signs of trouble with your main water line in Scottsdale, AZ. The sooner that you’re able to recognize any such problems with your plumbing system and your main water line, the better. And remember, our Sunny Plumbers are never more than a phone call away.

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A Little Grease Goes a Long Way—Toward Clogs!

Monday, January 28th, 2019

logoYou have plenty to do throughout the day, from getting your family out the door in the morning to handling your professional responsibilities to getting everyone fed at dinnertime. By the time you’re ready to tackle those dishes that have stacked up in the sink, you’re probably going to be pretty spent. We understand that you may just want to rush through them and get in some relaxation time before bed.

However, your plumbing system is not likely to be quite so understanding.

Grease is a major contributor to clogs in residential plumbing systems. There is a reason why restaurants use grease traps in their commercial plumbing setups, after all. If you’re serious about protecting your convenience and the condition of your drain and sewer system, you need to get serious about grease! We’re here to help you better understand why this is the case. So read on, and reach out to our team if you have questions about this slippery situation.

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Is Hard Water Really a Problem?

Monday, September 11th, 2017

water-softenerThere are a lot of problems that homeowners may encounter which could rightly be called plumbing emergencies. If you come home from a weekend on the road only to find that your lower floor is flooded by a burst pipe, for instance, or if your water is contaminated and not safe to drink. Other issues may not be quite as severe or immediately pressing, but that does not necessarily mean that they are any less important. This is the case with hard water.

If you have hard water in your home, then contact a professional plumber in Scottsdale, AZ to have the problem resolved. Using a water softener to treat the water running throughout your plumbing system is a simple and effective solution. Before you take that step, however, you’ll likely want to understand not only why hard water is such an issue, but how to spot it in the first place. Read on, and contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have. 

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How Does Trenchless Technology Work?

Monday, July 17th, 2017

broken-sewer-lineExtremely well, is the short answer! Of course, we love giving visitors to our blog a lot more information than this, so we are going to expand on this answer considerably in the following post.

First, let us remind you that even the best technologies are not really worth all that much if they are not in the hands of skilled, trained professionals. You won’t have to worry about that when you work with our plumbers, of course.

Not only do we have the equipment necessary to complete your trenchless sewer line services in Scottsdale, AZ, but we also have the training and know-how to ensure that the job is done right from the start. The entire concept behind trenchless sewer line services is that you are able to have your sewer line repaired or replaced with minimal hassle. Don’t take chances with the quality of your services and wind up compromising this convenience.

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What Kinds of Tools Do Professionals Use for Leak Detection?

Friday, April 3rd, 2015

One of the reasons it’s so important to call professional plumbers for leak detection services is that leaks are notoriously hard to find. Why? Because well over 90% of your plumbing is hidden behind walls, above ceilings and under floors. To find hidden leaks, professional plumbers use several high-tech tools, in addition to years of experience and know-how. When you hire a plumbing professional from The Sunny Plumber, you can rest assured that you are hiring an expert with years of experience and access to the best tools around. Don’t let a hidden leak cause problems for you and your home – schedule an appointment with one of our experts today!

Types of Tools

Here are three of the more common tools you may see your plumbing expert use to locate a leak:

  • Specialized audio equipment – even the smallest leak will make a noise, and with state-of-the-art audio equipment, your plumber can listen-in to the plumbing and pinpoint, by audio, where the sound is coming from.
  • Visual aid equipment – use of cameras in plumbing has revolutionized the industry, allowing plumbers to see, in real time, exactly what is going on inside a particular pipe. One of the most commonly-used cameras is a fiber optic camera. This type of camera sits at the end of a thin cable that can be snaked deep into your plumbing system, allowing your plumber to see real-time, instant video of the inside of your pipes.
  • Infrared scanning – infrared scans create thermal images by reading the temperatures of surfaces. The reason professional plumbers use infrared scanning to detect leaks is that moist areas will register as cooler than the areas that are dry.

However, none of these tools is useful in the wrong hands. This is why it’s important to always hire a trained expert for all your plumbing needs, especially when it comes to leak detection. Leaks can undermine your foundation, cause the excessive development of mold and mildew as well as the development of rot. If you have concerns that your home in Scottsdale has a leak, call The Sunny Plumber today and schedule an appointment for our professional leak detection service.

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Do I Need Water Filtration Maintenance in Scottsdale?

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

If you own a water filtration system, you’ve already taken one of the most important steps in keeping your family safe and healthy. Whole-home water treatment systems like specialty filters and reverse osmosis systems help protect your family members from contaminants like arsenic, chloramine, bacteria, and other health hazards. However, installation isn’t the only step towards eliminating or lowering the number of contaminants in your home.

Here at The Sunny Plumber, we recommend that a plumber inspects your water filtration system every year to keep your water pure and contaminant-free. You may choose to do this as part of annual plumbing maintenance so that all of the other components of your plumbing system are protected as well. Here’s why you should consider water filtration maintenance from us in Scottsdale.

Inadequate Filtration

One of the largest consequences of neglecting water filtration maintenance is inadequate filtration. In general, a whole-house water treatment system should last for many years with very few problems. However, like any component of your plumbing system, there is a chance of leaks, clogs, or general failure that allows untreated water to make its way to your tap. With maintenance, your unit is thoroughly cleaned and any potential problems are caught early on.

Maintenance is particularly important if you own a well and rely on a chemical feed pump to treat the water. For those who get their water from a water main, it is already somewhat treated at a municipal water treatment facility. For families that own a well, chemical feed pumps are essential for your family’s health as they treat the contaminants that are common to your area, and untreated well water can be particularly harmful to your health.

Low Water Pressure

Another reason to schedule regular plumbing maintenance is to avoid low water pressure. A water filtration system is installed at a point of entry for your water line so that all of the water that enters your home is filtered. As a filter becomes clogged with particles and debris, your water pressure may drop, and you may wake up one day to find that very little water can make its way into your home.

For more information on water treatment systems in Scottsdale, call the experienced installation and maintenance experts at The Sunny Plumber and schedule an appointment today!

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The Steps in Water Filtration Installation

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

If the water in your home has a strange color, odor, or taste, you may not know about the wide variety of whole-home and localized water filtration systems available on the market that may solve the problem completely. Often, harmful chemicals, minerals, or other contaminants may enter your water system, either because they are added by the city or they are picked up as water moves through the underground water lines. Sometimes, there are visible signs of contaminants, but often this is not the case.

If you’re a homeowner in Scottsdale, a water filtration system may take care of the contaminants in your home that you can see and some that you cannot, like harmful nitrates and even arsenic. But first, you’ll need an experienced plumber to help you choose from the multiple systems available. To prove that professional installation can help make the process simple and accurate, we’ve listed the steps involved in water filtration installation.

  • Water Testing: The first step of water filtration involves testing your water for common contaminants that may affect your health, your plumbing, or just the taste of your water. When the plumbing company determines the exact problem with your water, a technician can discuss your water filtration options.
  • Water Filtration Installation: There are many different options for water filtration systems. While some are installed directly onto a sink’s tap, a whole-home filtration system may be the best option for you, particularly if a contaminant poses a risk to your plumbing system. Whole-home systems are attached directly to the main water line, ensuring quality for every drop of water that comes into your home.
  • Ensuring Proper Operation: After installation, a technician should test the various taps in your home to ensure the system is running properly. This may include testing the water pressure and taking further samples to check whether the contaminants have been eliminated. Finally, it’s important for homeowners to ensure the filtration system works properly by scheduling plumbing maintenance once a year.

If you believe you need water filtration in Scottsdale, call an expert at The Sunny Plumber who can test your water today and help you find the right system to keep your water system under control.


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3 Common Problems Requiring Toilet Repair

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Here in Scottsdale, toilet repair represents one of the most common calls plumbing services have to make. Your toilet is usually an extremely reliable device, but because it’s used so frequently – and because it’s arguably the most important component in your house – repairs tend to take on an urgency that you might not see with other appliances. A good plumber can usually correct any problem you might encounter with your toilet. We have a list of the 3 most common problems requiring toilet repair below.

  • Leaks. Leaks most often appear in the plumbing line between the toilet tank and your central plumbing system. The line itself can wear out after a time, or you may experience a problem with the valve or seal connecting the line to the larger components. This is actually a fairly easy repair to make for professional, who can drain the tank, replace the line and fix the leak in short order. A more problematic situation occurs when the bowl itself suffers damage, or the tank has sprung a leak. In those cases, you usually need to have the entire toilet replaced, though again, a good plumber can perform the replacement efficiently.
  • Moans and whistles. Unusual noises are a sure sign that something’s wrong with your toilet. They can include low moans and whistles, which usually result from a faulty cock and ball valve. A damaged valve will sometimes vibrate when the water refills, or let out a low moan when high water pressure puts stress on it. You can solve the problem by having the valve replaced.
  • Strange water fillings. When the flapper valves wears out, water will leak from the tank into the water line. When the water level drops to a certain point, the toiler starts running and the tank refills. Not only can this be extremely annoying, but you’re paying for all that lost water in higher bills. A plumber can replace the flapper valve and restore the toilet to its normal functions.

Toilet repair issues both common and unusual can be addressed by the plumbing service experts in Scottsdale, AZ at The Sunny Plumber. We have the skills and experience you need to do the job right, so don’t hesitate to give us call us today!

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Should I Repair or Replace an Old Water Heater?

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

It’s a fair question whenever your water heater has problems: “Should I repair or replace an old water heater?” The answer varies depending on your individual circumstances, but it’s never easy. Repairs usually cost less than replacement and in many cases can keep your heater functioning just fine. Eventually, however,  you end up throwing good money after bad, and installing a new water heater becomes the only viable option. Any plumber in Scottsdale can make recommendations for you, but you ultimately need to make the call yourself. Here’s a few tips to help.

In the first place, any water heater that’s more than ten years old bears careful watching. If you’ve maintained it well, then it can probably keep going for many years after its “expiration date,” but if you find yourself dealing with repairs on a regular basis, then replacing it may be the only option. In particular, look for signs of long-term damage in an older heater, such as rust or a build-up of mineral deposits in the tank itself.

In addition, general issues of inefficiency can help you determine if repairs are no longer an option. As water heaters age, you’ll notice they won’t heat the water as quickly. They may make strange noises, and you may find your monthly utilities going up despite the fact that you’re not using hot water any more often than usual. If that continues even after a repair or maintenance session from a trained technician, then you should look into getting a new heater.

None of this is to fully discount the notion of repairing an old water heater. In some cases, a repair can do the trick and you’ll continue to enjoy your existing heater for sometime to come. The tipping point occurs when you feel you’ve invested too much in a losing cause, and it’s clear that you’re just wasting money by keeping your  existing system upright. If you’re looking for a plumber in Scottsdale to advise you on whether you should replace or repair your water heater, the Sunny Plumber is ready to help. Give us a call today to set up an appointment!

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