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Are You Struggling with Low Water Pressure?

sunny-plumber-vanIf so, then now is the time to act. But what’s the next step? Well, we cannot really tell you that until we’ve figured out the precise reason for your low water pressure issue. Like pretty much any other plumbing problem, the underlying cause of this issue could be any number of situations. A professional plumber is not only able to resolve problems successfully, but can diagnose them accurately in the first place. That’s where our Sunny Plumbers come in.

Low water pressure is one of those tricky problems that really is not an “emergency” by any stretch of the imagination. Until it becomes one, that is! Trust us, it is always best to deal with any plumbing problems promptly, no matter how “minor” you may think that problem is. And low water pressure in Maricopa is not just an inconvenience that you need to put up with any longer. So strap in, explore some potential causes of this problem, and dial our number when you’re ready for service.

Is the Low Water Pressure in Just One Area?

Oftentimes, homeowners will realize that they have low water pressure in just one area of their homes. Then, because it’s just one area, they’ll convince themselves that it’s not that serious of an issue. Unfortunately, if this is the case, then it’s very likely that what you’re dealing with is actually a leak affecting that single area, and even a leak that only affects a single area can lead to a lot of damage!

Water damage is a major issue, and it can happen fast. Worst, you may not realize it’s happening until the damage is done. If you really want to avoid the problems that can stem from leaks, including not just water damage but also the damp conditions that promote the growth of mold, then you want to address potential problems ASAP.

Is the Issue Spread throughout Your Home?

The flipside of the coin is a problem with low water pressure throughout the entire house. It’s pretty unlikely that all of a sudden you have leaks in all of your supply lines, of course. But you could have a leak in your main water line. If there are soggy patches in the vicinity of that line, this is even more likely. A leak in your water main won’t necessarily lead to low pressure, but it can.

If the leak isn’t in your water main, it could actually be a city problem. This is good news, in fact. Maybe a fire hydrant was used and depleted the water pressure. Maybe there’s a leak in the city line. If the problem comes on abruptly, definitely check in with neighbors or contact the city. They may confirm your suspicions and hopes that it’s not just your home affected.

And, if you’ve always had issues with low water pressure, you may have hard water leaving deposits in pipes and clogging them up. That’s no good, and that’s why we install whole-house water softeners for our clients throughout the area.

Schedule your plumbing repairs with The Sunny Plumber Phoenix. Bright and shiny and won’t show our hiney.

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