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Some Common Sink Repair Services

The sinks in your home, whether in the bathrooms, the kitchen, or the laundry room, receive considerable use. Occasionally, they will need attention from professional plumbers to fix the issues they can encounter because of the amount of work they do. Although there are few basic sink fixes your can troubleshoot on your own, such as using a simple sink plunger to clear out minor drainpipe clogs, most sink repairs you need to leave the skilled specialists so that the works gets done right and leaves you with a problem-free sink.

For a plumber in Mesa, AZ who can handle all your sink repair issues, no matter their size or urgency, call on The Sunny Plumber. You can reach us any time of the day, any day of the week.

Some sink repair services we often perform

  • Unclogging: Clogs are perhaps the most frequent and annoying of all plumbing problems. Sinks in kitchens are especially susceptible to clogging because the amount of food waste that goes down them. Although a plunger will take care of some clogs, anything tougher will need a plumber armed with a mechanical drain snake or a hydro jetter to remove. Sometimes video pipe inspection equipment is necessary to get to root of the problem.
  • Stopping leaky faucets: When a faucet starts to leak, it is more than an annoying sound that might keep you up at night. It is a cumulative waste of massive amounts of water. A single leaky faucet can waste 30 gallons of water in just a week—think of how that will affect your water bills. If you can’t figure out to stop a leaky faucet (don’t pull out a pack of wrenches and start experimenting, since this can lead to expensive damage) leave it to professional plumbers to find a solution that will shut off the leaks for good.
  • Sink replacement: If a sink start to leak around the edges into the cabinet beneath, it may be be due to loose caulking or cracks along the bowl. In some cases, it is best to have the sink removed and replaced with a new one. Leave this to professional plumbers, since a poorly installed sink will leave you with leaking issues and poor drainage. In some cases, the current sink will only need re-caulking, or possibly a replacement of the drain assembly, instead of a replacement.

Call on our bright and shiny plumbers!

If you leave a leaky faucet, you will waste money. If you leave a clog, it won’t get better on its own. If you leave a damaged sink, you’ll soon have worse damage from water leaks. Don’t hesitate with sink repair services!

Call a plumber in Mesa, AZ from the staff at The Sunny Plumber right away! You can trust to our experience, skill, and equipment to restore your troubled sink.

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