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Signs You Need Help Repairing Your Sewer Line

“Sewer problems.” Two of the most intimidating words for a homeowner. Handling electrical outages, air conditioning malfunctions, or leaking boilers all sound more appealing than dealing with a blockage in the sewer line that runs from your house to the street. However, you shouldn’t worry too much: if you give the job to plumbing professionals who offer guarantees on their work, you can relax and know the repairs will get done quickly and correctly.

Did you know that The Sunny Plumber offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee? Contact us if you need Gilbert, AZ sewer repair services. Otherwise, keep an eye out for any of these signs that would indicate you need an expert to help you repair your sewer line:

Slow drains

When a sink, tub, or shower begins to drain slowly, it often doesn’t feel like a major emergency. It might be nothing more than a partial clog you can fix with commercial drain cleaner. But if you start experiencing slow drains all around your house that don’t respond to cleaners, then the sewer line may have developed a break or clog. If you decide to just “live with” slow drains, you could be making a huge mistake.

Varying water levels in toilets

Again, this might be a basic clog, or perhaps an object like a child’s toy has fallen in and gotten lodged in the upper pipes. But if the problem persists, then you need to contact a professional plumber to assess if you have a sewer line problem.

Unpleasant odors

If noxious odors start coming out of the sink drains, don’t wait… this is one of the strongest signs of problems in sewer drainage.

Water stains and damage in the foundation

The big threat that a damaged sewer line poses is that it can cause leaking into the basement and foundation of your home. If you notice excess moisture and water stains in your basement, or an increase in pests such as insects and rats, then call for professional assistance immediately.

You cannot do sewer line repairs on your own—and you shouldn’t. Repair mistakes can be costly and turn into far more serious emergencies. Call The Sunny Plumber to take care of the trouble. We do video camera pipe inspections to get to the heart of the problem, and then deliver fast and accurate repairs.

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