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Signs of Subpar Water Quality

woman-drinking-waterWater quality is a tricky subject for a few different reasons. First of all, people simply get used to the water that they are used to in their own homes. If you have a relatively subtle issue with your water quality, it is easy to just acclimate to it. Another issue is that those homeowners receiving their water from municipal/public sources may just assume that their water is of a high quality, ignoring the real possibility that, even if it is treated, that water may pick up contaminants on its way to their homes.

At The Sunny Plumber Phoenix, we believe that all homeowners deserve access to clean, pure water in their homes. Before we can help you to achieve this goal, though—and it is an attainable one—you first have to reach out to us. That is why you need to know the signs that your water quality may be subpar. Once you recognize that fact, you can go about scheduling water quality services with a professional plumber in Mesa, AZ.

Film on Plumbing Fixtures

If you have a gray/green/white filmy buildup on your plumbing fixtures, then you are almost certainly dealing with hard water. Other symptoms of hard water including the failure of water heater elements, a difficult time rinsing yourself clean in the shower, and laundry that doesn’t seem as fresh as usual. While hard water may not be dangerous to your health, it can lead to a number of potential problems with your plumbing system. Using a whole-house water softener is, without a doubt, the best way to resolve this problem.

Stains on Fixtures

Does your water seem to run clear, but has a nasty habit of turning fixtures an orange, brown, or red color? Have you noticed a reddish sediment in your fixtures? If so, then iron is the likely cause. There is only supposed to be a set amount of iron in your water, and chances are that, if you are experiencing these symptoms, your iron concentration is beyond this threshold. Solutions may again include water softening, or perhaps an oxidizing filter in the event of higher concentrations.

Sulfuric Odor

One of the problems that homeowners are least likely to tolerate when it comes to their water supply is water that just plain stinks. If you smell a sulfuric odor—think rotten eggs—coming from your water, you may have sulfides in the water that you could stand to remove. If the issue is limited to one sink, it could actually be the result of bacteria in the drain. Chlorination and/or filtration are common solutions for such problems.

High Turbidity

Turbid water is water that appears cloudy or dirty. If you have high turbidity in your water, you could have issues caused by drilling activities,  earth disturbances, or silt or sediment runoff. Basic filtration may be enough to resolve the problem in minor cases, but more severe situations may call for multi-level media filtration. Whatever the case, we’ll solve the problem effectively.

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