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Should My Water Heater Develop Rust?

It makes sense that a water heater would be susceptible to rust damage: when water and metal meet, rust is always a possibility. But is rusting something that will happen inevitably to a water heater? Or is its appearance a sign that something is wrong with the system and it will either need repairs or a replacement? We’ll answer these questions in this post.

If you have any issues with your water heater—whether rusts, leaks, or a heating malfunctioning—call on professionals right away. When you require water heater repair in Goodyear, AZ that you can depend on any time of the day or night, make the call to The Sunny Plumber. We’ll see that your worries about your hot water supply are taken care of.

Rust and water heaters

The simple answer to the question, “Should my water heater develop rust?” is no. It can develop rust, but if it does, than you have a serious issue with the water heater that requires professionals look into it right away. If corrosion advances too far on a water heater, it will mean that the whole system must be replaced.

The reason that a water heater won’t rust under normal circumstances is a component called the anode rode, also known as the sacrificial anode rod. This metal rod, usually made of magnesium, is attached at the top of the tank and does the job of attracting the damage of the chemical reaction that causes corrosion inside the water tank. In effect, it “sacrifices” itself to rust so that the rest of the water heater will not rust.

Eventually, an anode rod will rust through entirely, and at this point it will stop protecting the water heater. This is the main reason why an older water heater may start to develop corrosion. Rust will substantially weaken the metal of a water heater tank, leading to leaks. It also creates an insulating layer inside the tank that can cause a temperature imbalance and make the tank overheat.

You can help stop rust from attacking your water heater by making sure that the anode rod is replaced before it rusts completely. During a regular water heater maintenance visit, the technician will check on the anode rod and provide a replacement if it is nearing the end of its service. The technician will also be able to tell you when the appearance of rust in the water heater is a sign that you need to have a replacement.

We specialize in water heater repair at The Sunny Plumber, and our plumbers are ready to help with any issues you may have with your water heater in Goodyear, AZ. We also provide regular maintenance services that will keep rust from harming your water heater.

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