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Scenarios Where Toilet Repair Simply Isn’t Good Enough

No one likes to consider the possibility of a broken toilet. The appliance likely sees more use than any other in our homes, and when problems arise, they need to be dealt with very quickly. Here in Gilbert AZ, plumbing repair services can often make emergency calls to deal with any issues you may have. But you, the homeowner, need to decide if repairing the toilet is the right thing to do or if you need to replace it. You may encounter scenarios where toilet repair simply isn’t good enough. Thankfully, the ultimate answer is usually pretty easy.

The question usually boils down to the kind of component involved and what exactly it’s doing wrong. In most cases, if the damage is limited to a single component, then replacing that component makes the most sense. This can mean anything from the flush handle to the valve or the flapper. In some cases, they can entail leaks, which may look pretty serious, but if those leaks spring from a faulty fitting or the line from the toilet to the main plumbing system for example, then replacing the faulty component should fix the problem.

Replacing the toilet, on the other hand, is a much more serious operation and should only be considered if the toilet has suffered some kind of catastrophic damage as a whole. This usually means a serious crack in the porcelain itself, either with the tank or from the main bowl. In some cases, such cracks can be repaired, but usually replacing the entire unit is preferable. Replacing a toilet can also take place for less dire reasons, which as a bathroom remodeling that renders its current design obsolete, or and overall waste of water that comes from very slow unit.

If you’re grappling with scenarios where toilet repair simply isn’t good enough, then a qualified plumber can help you a great deal. In Gilbert AZ, toilet repair service are offered by the experts at The Sunny Plumber. We can examine your toilet and decide if you need repairs or if replacement would be the best option. If you’re in need of a quality toilet repair or plumbing service in Gilbert, AZ, look no further than the The Sunny Plumber. Give us a call today; we’ll help you find the solution that’s right for you!

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