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Protect Your Sewer Line, Protect Your Property

sunny-plumbersOut of sight, out of mind. Never is that phrase less relevant than in a discussion about plumbing. Look, you don’t want to be staring at your plumbing system’s different components all day. Of course, you can invest in some pretty gorgeous plumbing fixtures. But the pipes and everything else that deliver water to and from those fixtures? Not so much. One plumbing system component that you don’t really ever want to see is your sewer line.

Why is that? Because you shouldn’t ever have to see your sewer line, unless something has gone wrong. After all, this pipe is buried beneath the ground on your property, right? Now, if you’re thinking that your sewer line is protected from any problems thanks to this location, think again. There are a number of ways in which your sewer line may be damaged. The relatively good news is that there are also plenty of ways in which you can avoid damage to your sewer line in Phoenix.

What’s the Sewer Line Do?

Your sewer line is really just a pipe connecting your drain lines to your septic tank or your municipal sewer system. All of the water and waste from the sinks in your home, your shower/bathtub, your toilet, etc., ultimately passes through this pipe. Needless to say, a ruptured sewer line is not exactly a pleasant situation. But it’s just a pipe, you may be thinking. How could anything really go wrong with it?

There’s Plenty That Can Go Wrong with It!

We don’t say this to alarm you. It’s just in your best interest to understand that, yes, a basic pipe like this can run into problems. There are no electronics or mechanical parts to fail, obviously. But that doesn’t make your sewer line totally bulletproof.

  1. Damage during construction.  One common way that sewer lines wind up damaged is, well, by accident! If you’re having any construction done on your property, any reason at all for excavating your land, you need to know for sure that your contractor is being careful about your sewer line. The last thing that you want is added trouble with your project because now you need a full-on sewer line replacement, too.
  2. Damage from trees. Yes, that’s right. Your trees or your bushes could actually wind up damaging the sewer line. How? By their roots digging into that sewer line, that’s how. These things are incredibly persistent,  doing what it takes to survive and thrive. Sometimes that means busting into pipes like sewer lines in order to get water and nutrients.
  3. Damage from misuse. We cannot stress this enough. You need to be kind to your drain and sewer system. Don’t overload the toilet with toilet paper. Don’t let hair get down the drains. Don’t pour FOG into the kitchen sink.  This all leads to serious clogs, and serious clogs can lead to serious sewer situations.

Schedule your sewer line services with The Sunny Plumber Phoenix. Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.

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