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Problems that Lead to Sewer Line Replacement

There are two primary pipelines that lead from your home to the municipal mains: the water and sewer lines. The water line brings fresh water into your home, while the sewer line directs waste water to the sewer main. Both of these pipelines are supposed to last a long time, up to 100 years under ideal circumstances. What about not-so-ideal circumstances, though? Read on for some of the problems that can require sewer line replacement.

Tree Roots

Tree root systems will grow astonishingly deep and wide to find the nearest water supply. If you have trees within 20 or 30 yards of your home, you may end up with a tree root penetrating your sewer line. Once the root gets into the line, it will branch out and fill the pipe to suck up as much water as possible. This eventually clogs up the pipe so much that action must be taken to restore the flow of water. If caught early enough, the root system can be trimmed back. However, there are many times when the pipe is just too damaged by the tree roots. At that point, it will need to be replaced.

Lime Scale

Hard water isn’t just a threat to your home’s plumbing; it can damage your sewer line, as well. Prolonged exposure to hard water can lead to lime scale buildup in the sewer line. Just like tree roots, lime scale can obstruct the flow of water through the pipe until it is removed. Unfortunately, lime scale can prove equally as intractable as tree roots. Often, the only way to get rid of it entirely is to replace the pipe.

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