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The Problem(s) with DIY Drain Cleaning

sunny-plumbersWe completely understand that many homeowners like to handle issues around their homes on their own. Not only do we understand this work ethic, we admire it. Do you know what we admire even more than a hard work ethic, though? The logic that allows homeowners to understand when it is time to call in professionals. For some reason, a lot of homeowners seem to think that their plumbing systems aren’t as deserving of professional service as their electrical systems.

Of course, we’re not implying that the average homeowner is going to try to replace his or her own sewer line or anything like that. However, a lot of homeowners do take it upon themselves to handle jobs like “cleaning” their own drains. We put cleaning in quotes there because the job is very rarely done as effectively as homeowners seem to think it is. Today we’re going to discuss why you want our Sunny Plumbers cleaning your drains in Phoenix, AZ.

We Can Diagnose the Problem Accurately

Well sure, so can I. The tub won’t drain, so I’ve got a clogged drain. Not that difficult, is it? 

Not so fast.

Yes, you can determine that you have a clogged drain if a single drain in your home is backed up. Can you determine where exactly that clog is located, though? Or the nature of the clog? Or the status of the clog once you’ve made your attempt at cleaning it? Probably not, but we can.

We use state of the art tools and techniques like video pipe inspection equipment to guarantee that we are addressing the right problems in the right way, and to ensure that we’re getting the right results! This particular service really allows us to take the guesswork out of the work.

We Resolve Problems Effectively

We know that you can run out to the hardware store and buy chemical drain cleaners to clear up clogs in your drain and sewer system. We know that you can go to that same hardware store to buy a hand auger if you really want to take matters into your own hands. We also know, however, that you are unlikely to get optimal results with those techniques. The fact of the matter is that you’ll probably wind up making frequent trips back to the hardware store if these are the methods that you opt for.

With those liquid chemical cleaners, chances are that you’re only going to remove part of the clog—at best. You’ll likely only clear up enough of the clog to allow that chemical itself to pass through the drain. The DIY attempts at snaking out your own drains are not likely to be much more effective, unfortunately. You may simply force the snake through the clog, leaving much of it behind, or you may not actually be able to reach the clog, as it may just be too far into the system for a hand auger to reach.

Schedule your drain cleaning with The Sunny Plumber Phoenix. Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.

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