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Prevent Rust in Water Heaters with Anode Rods

Here in Gilbert, AZ, water heater maintenance should be as much a part of your home’s upkeep as doing the dishes and vacuuming the floors. Our climate is fairly harsh out here, and even if it’s in a protected place, your water heater can feel the presence of hard water and other corrosives. Once your water heater begins to rust, you need to get it replaced, which costs your time and no small amount of money. The good news is that you can prevent rust in water heater with anode rods, provided you replace the rods when they wear out.

An anode rod is made out of magnesium, aluminum or a compound of several elements: anything that will attract rust and corrosion. In basic terms, the anode rod attracts the rust so that your water tank doesn’t have to: protecting the important components in your water heater array by taking on the rust and corrosion itself.

The lifetime of an anode rod varies, depending on the composition of your water, the amount of use your household sees and the temperature the water hits. Generally speaking, however, anode rods need to be checked and possibly replaced every two years into order to stay functional. If the anode rod completely corrodes away, the same forces that corroded it will then turn on your water heater, shortening its life considerable.

A qualified plumber can check and replace anode rods for you, and as with many things in life, an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure. You can prevent rust in water heaters with anode rods, and the more diligently you replace disintegrating anode rods, the better off your water heater will be. Water heater maintenance can be performed by the Gilbert, AZ water heater experts at The Sunny Plumber. We can check all aspects of your water heater, including the anode rod as part of our maintenance service, and make sure that one of your home’s most important components continues to function as it should. Pick up the phone and call us today to make an appointment. We’re ready to help!

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