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Potential Plumbing Pain Points

logoThe thought of living without indoor plumbing is probably not a thought that many people give much thought to! Why not? Because the idea of forgoing the convenience and hygiene that modern plumbing systems allow for is not one that is all that appealing, that’s why! Unfortunately, like most things that are essential in our lives, even the best plumbing systems are not perfect. You can count on running into issues with your plumbing system from time to time.

When you do, it is important that you take the appropriate action fast. The last thing that you want to do is to ignore a manageable problem, only to have to intervene when that problem inevitably becomes a whole lot less manageable. Our Sunny Plumbers can handle anything that plumbing systems can throw at us, but we can tell you from experience that a prompt response is always for the best. Here are some common plumbing pain points that homeowners face.

Bathroom Plumbing Problems

It makes sense that bathroom plumbing problems are among the most common of all plumbing issues in Phoenix, AZ. After all, this is an area in every home where plumbing fixtures and components are at their most concentrated. It is also an area where homeowners are often contributing to problems, usually without giving their contributions a second thought. We know that no one is intentionally sabotaging their plumbing systems, of course. However, flushing too much toilet paper, flushing anything other than toilet paper and waste, failing to clean hair from drain covers, and other oversights all contribute to issues like clogs.

You may also run into other problems, like a running toilet or a dripping faucet, that you just ignore because it’s not that much of an inconvenience. While a toilet that seems to run too long may not be as immediate a concern as a toilet that won’t flush at all, however, you need to keep in mind just how problematic this situation really is. If your toilet is running or your faucet is dripping, you’re paying for water that is literally not being used. You may as well, well, flush it down the toilet. But not really. Please. Don’t flush money down your toilet.

Kitchen Plumbing Problems

This shouldn’t really be much of a surprise. After your bathroom, it’s probably safe to say that the kitchen is the other major plumbing center of your home. And this is definitely a major problem area for a lot of folks. And that stems from, you guessed it, accidental or careless contributions to problems. Now, we’re not saying that all plumbing problems are avoidable. Fixtures leak, pipes fail, and so on. But the fact is that most of us could be a little more careful, particularly with what we put down the drain!

Oftentimes, homeowners throw everything but the kitchen sink down the kitchen sink drain because they have a garbage disposal. Those devices are incredibly convenient, but they cannot handle everything! Keep fibrous foods out to avoid jamming the unit, keep hard items like uncooked bones or fruit pits out to avoid damaging the grinder plates, and remember that, garbage disposal or not, FOG (fats, oil, grease) never goes down the drain.

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