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Plumbing Tips: How to Maintain Your Drain and Sewer System

If you are looking for Phoenix drain cleaning services, call The Sunny Plumber! We can provide you with any sort of drain cleaning service, including high pressure hydro jetting for safe and effective results. This week, our plumbers put together a blog post with some tips on how to maintain your drain and sewer system so that you aren’t stuck with a clogged sink, or worse, a toilet backing up in the middle of the night.

These are just a few tips. Feel free to call our Phoenix plumbers if you have further questions or would like more plumbing advice.

Use Garbage Disposal Properly

Make sure you aren’t putting anything in your garbage disposal that doesn’t belong. This includes coffee grounds, grease, tough vegetable skins, meat, bones, and anything that might cause the drain to clog. Be sure you know how to operate and clean it as well.

Think Before You Flush

Flushing heavy paper products, such as paper towels, feminine products, and even facial tissue with added lotion, can harm your drain system by causing a backup. Don’t flush anything that your drain and sewer system cannot handle, or that might damage the pipes, such as harsh chemicals.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Make sure you schedule routine drain maintenance with a professional Phoenix plumber. This includes drain cleaning as well. Regular drain and sewer maintenance will help to ensure that there are no hidden issues. This is why it is also important to call for a repair if you noticed repeated issues, such as consistent clogs or system backups.

No matter what your drain and sewer problem may be, the Tucson, AZ plumbers at The Sunny Plumber can get to the root of the issue and resolve it for you in no time. Call us for more drain and sewer tips or to schedule your next drain cleaning service in Tucson.

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