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Plumbing Tip: How to Save Water This Summer

During the long, dry summer, our water usage tends to spike a bit.  Sometimes it can increase to the point where we notice a considerable rise in our water costs. If you are interested in learning how you can reduce your water usage this summer, here are some tips from The Sunny Plumber. Keep these ideas in mind when you reach for the faucet or the hose this summer, and you’ll see your water consumption begin to decline. For more information or the answers to any questions you may, call the Phoenix plumbers at The Sunny Plumber.

Maintaining a healthy green lawn in the summer can be a challenge. Running your sprinkler all day is a surefire way to consume more water than you want to, though. If you must water your lawn, make sure that you do it early in the morning. This will allow the water to be absorbed during the cooler part of the day, limiting evaporation and the amount of water necessary to keep your lawn healthy.

Using native plants in your garden is another great way to limit the amount of water you must use to keep it healthy. Native plants will be a better fit for the environment here, naturally, as they are the types of plants that naturally thrive here. While exotic flowers may make for a great looking garden, they also require more care and more water.

Using a couple of inches of mulch in plant beds is another great way to cut down on your water consumption. Mulch does a great job of retaining water. This means that the water you do use will go further in keeping your plants healthy.

Don’t forget about reducing water consumption indoors, as well. Low flow fixtures and aerators are a great way to do so. Rather than showering every day, consider setting enough time aside to enjoy a cool, relaxing bath. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the same comfort and convenience in your home without so much reliance on water consumption.

Give a professional Phoenix, AZ plumber on The Sunny Plumber team a call today to learn more. We can handle any Phoenix plumbing issues you may have. We want to help you live with the most comfort and convenience possible. Contact The Sunny Plumber today!

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