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How Our Plumbers Can Inspect Your Pipes

light-at-end-of-pipeIf, for some reason, a hole were to develop in the wall of your home, it would be a pretty obvious problem, right? Your walls are quite visible, you’d feel a draft or hot spot, and so on. When holes develop in parts of the house and its systems that are hidden from view, though, things are substantially more complicated. This is why leaks in your pipes are so serious. It is also why you should contact us the moment that you suspect that you have a piping problem. We offer video camera pipe inspection services in Phoenix, AZ.

Once you schedule service with our plumbers, we can use our video camera pipe inspection equipment for a variety of different purposes. Of course, you need to schedule service first, and that means recognizing that there is a problem to begin with. Following is some information about how the service works, as well as what it may be used for and when to schedule pipe inspection.

How It Works

If you think that we’re just going to excavate pipe or your drain or sewer line in order to give it them a visual inspection, we are glad to surprise you. The procedure is much simpler than this, with no damage being done to your property in the process.

Video pipe inspection uses a flexible rod with a video camera attached to the end of it to allow your plumber to see what conditions are like within the drain or sewer. The rod is thin and flexible, and the camera very small, so it can actually be fed right into the pipe. A video feed is sent back to a monitor for your plumber to review. The information gathered from this process is incredibly helpful in diagnosing problems and pinpointing the source location of trouble.

Problems We Can Detect

Have you noticed issues with clogged or slow moving drains? Are there soggy spots in your yard? Do you smell a sewer odor on your property? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then scheduling video pipe inspection services is a good idea.

We can find issues with broken or collapsed pipes, which will make for a timely replacement or repairs. You may have a corroded pipe, particularly if the water in your area contains corrosive elements. We can actually see rust and corrosion that has formed within pipes by using this equipment. Perhaps roots have made their way into your pipes, or you just have an old fashioned leak.

Whatever the case may be, knowing precisely what we are up against before we start work on your system allows us to get the job done faster and with great accuracy. You don’t want to be paying a team to go hunting for problems before they can resolve them. By gathering vital information about the issue and its location beforehand, repairs and replacements can be expedited, saving you time and money.

Contact The Sunny Plumber if you have any questions or if you are ready to schedule professional video pipe inspection services.

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