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No, Copper Pipes Are Not Invincible

sunny-plumbersIf you encounter a plumber in Phoenix, or anywhere else, telling you that he or she has a pipe to sell you that is guaranteed to be problem-free, one thing is for sure—you’ve either found a very misinformed plumber, or a very dishonest one. That’s the beauty of working with a Sunny Plumber on our team. We tell you the truth, and we have the knowledge and expertise to base our opinions in fact. That’s the Sunny Plumber difference!

One myth that some people get in their heads is that investing in copper piping is going to mean a problem-free piping experience for the rest of their days. That’d be great, we won’t argue that. Like most ideal situations, though, this is just not the reality of the world that we live in. While modern plumbing materials are definitely more durable and reliable than ever before, they are still subject to problems. And we’re here to find the solutions.

Copper Pinhole Leaks—Subtle Until They’re Not!

If you understand plumbing leaks only as very obvious, water spewing out of a burst pipe scenario, then copper pinhole leaks are definitely going to catch you off guard. Even after learning a bit about them, unfortunately, they can be a little hard to spot before becoming a very real issue. That’s because a copper pinhole leak is a gradual degradation of a pipe from the inside out.

Basically, for reasons spanning from water quality to water pressure within the system, the pipe may begin to degrade along the interior surface. From there, the corrosion of the pipe will continue outward. This does make the problem difficult to recognize before very active leaks develop, but it’s not impossible.

What to Look For

If you are experiencing the situation leading up to copper pinhole leaks, you should be able to spot dimpling along your copper pipes. Essentially, you’ll see pitting on the exterior of the pipe, suggesting the degradation on the side of the pipe that you can’t see. When these develop into full-blown leaks, it may not be a dramatic burst. Instead, you may see water starting to trickle in small amounts along the length of the pipe.

If you do notice this type of pitting on copper pipes, or if you see pipes rusting in areas on the exterior, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will evaluate the overall condition of your pipes, and we’ll help you to determine the best course of action.

Not All Such Issues Call for Full Repiping

Sometimes homeowners actually ignore what they categorize as “minor” leaks because they don’t want to face the prospect of a full repiping project. We get that. Repiping a whole-house is a major undertaking that comes at a considerable expense. However, depending upon what we find, you may be able to simply replace sections of pipes that have been affected. Due to the nature of this particular problem, unfortunately, finding copper pinhole leaks in one area does make it likely that the problem is more widespread.

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