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New Water Heater? Keep These 3 Tips in Mind!

sunny-plumbersThere are a lot of important components, appliances, and fixtures in any plumbing system. Chief among these is the water heater. If you don’t have a dependable water heater in your home, cleaning up, showering, and prepping food can be a much trickier, and far less comfortable, affair than it should be! That’s why you really want to act fast when it comes time to replace your water heater, particularly if you’ve waited for it to break down entirely.

However, it is also not a project that you want to rush through. For most homeowners, a brand new water heater represents a pretty major investment. You don’t want to have buyer’s remorse because you did not take the time necessary to choose your new water heater carefully. We’ve got some tips that we hope you’ll keep in mind when choosing your new water heater in Phoenix, and we want to encourage you to reach out to our Sunny Plumbers with any questions.

Consider Your Needs Carefully

Do you have a lot of people in your house, resulting in running hot water at different points-of-use frequently? Showers going on while the washing machine is running, and maybe dishes are also being done? If so, then you may want to stick with a tank water heater. When appropriately sized, a tank water heater can stand up to this type of use very well.

This isn’t to say that tankless water heaters are not effective. They are, but the fact that they don’t have a reservoir of hot water ready to go at all times also means that they can be overwhelmed in that scenario more easily than a tank water heater might be. Multiple tankless units can be used in such instances, but this can be pretty cost-prohibitive.

What’s Your Budget?

If that type of usage isn’t something that you have to worry about, then it’s worth your while to consider using a tankless water heater. There is one thing that you’ll notice early on in your research, however, and that is that tankless water heaters are more expensive than tankless models. Don’t let that price tag lead you to immediately write off tankless systems, however.

While they do cost more upfront, tankless water heaters are also extremely efficient. That means that they can save you money in the long run as energy costs are kept to a minimum. When you also take into account that they last much longer than tank systems—as long as 20+ years, in fact—it’s clear that they’re worth the investment in the right situations.

Have Questions? Ask Us!

A water heater’s job may be simple, as it has just one job to do. But that doesn’t mean that exploring your options and choosing a new system with confidence is simple. If you have questions, our plumbers have the answers necessary to ensure that you wind up with the right system for your needs.

Schedule your water heater services with The Sunny Plumber Phoenix. Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.

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